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Is IGF-2 Different?

I have been looking around and have found a new (at least to myself) peptide called IGF-2. Can anyone explain to me the difference between IGF-1 LR-3 and IGF-2? The IGF-2 appears to be slightly more expensive, possibly because it is new. Any info would be welcome.

IGF-2 is a different hormone from IGF-1, very similar in sequence and structure, but different in function. I am not sure of its exact physiological effects, but research on the hormone is scarce so you might not find too much if you start searching around.

At this point, I wouldn’t buy any unless you are personally shown by another user of it that it build muscle mass, or provides other effects you are looking for. Do not believe what any websites say about it as most likely it is wrong or exaggerated. My 2 cents…