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Is HRT a Good Thing?


If a guy who was 90 lbs in high school can become a 250 lb monster than how come a guy who lost 50 lbs of fat seems to have very little capabilities for growth not including the disadvantage of easy fat gain? That is utter bullcrap but it is what you usually see on faggy bb.com forums.
A place like TNation as long as someone is doing it right they will get results.

Now lets look at it this way, maybe the years of slouching off has damaged the once overweight mans normal output, plus the natural sources of nutrition has been decreased, eating a head of cabbage 100 years ago is equivilant in nutrients to god knows how many now. Plus pollution and plastic is theorized to cause estrogen to grow if absorbed which may or may not be true, that would only worsens it in a soft flabby body.

So should prescribing natural identical hormones be a good idea or is their a better way of supplementing your natural body production of testosterone? I am not refering to a tribulus sup, i am refering to a prescribed medication for the modern man. And not just testosterone too, some claim a shot of progesterone is a good alternative to many medications and i have known it to be used by someone and i notice a difference.

Stress to is a big issue with modern life, plus andropause and menopause are things we all see happen to a relative, we probably now live long enough to have it though unlike the average peasent in some ancient society.

Is it some 16 year old stunting his growth by trying cut 50 lbs with a diet of half a bagel and a tablespoon of peanut butter as one of his meals? Or is it more than that, is the capability of natural muscle building be stunted by modern exposure to very unlikely elements?

Another issue is how we are playing god even more, clonin- nevermind but you understand how we force our bodies in a direction through recreated substances.

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If your basic premise is that the nutrition density of todays food is comparatively low to yesterdays food and that physical development and health is to a very large degree driven by all kinds of micronutrients in food (which I think is entrirely possible), wouldnt it make more sense to get your veggies in and maybe take a greens supplement before you bring out the big guns?


I agree with the premise of proper nutrition but i am also concerned with what you cant stop from getting into you entirely. Even a can of organic corn is bound to have a certain substance in the metal, i am probably being overly picky. A 250 lb guy who is a natural high metabolism guy who used to be 90 lbs is in a different state than a guy who is 160 lbs and very flabby with a Richard Simmons look, the latter is prone to estrogen and making it worse with chemicals will only make it harder for them to be able to one day run a 5k in 20 minutes or Squat 400+ pounds, etc.

But it might be the diet aspect, a greens product and vegetables can be invaluable. Most people on other forums who get shit results usually have like i said a diet of a bowl of oatmeals and protein for breakfast and a bagel with half a spoon of jam and peanut butter for dinner, but oh they drink some R33pid pre workout NO crap. So they will lose 50 lbs and gain 50 lbs back in muscle yeh yeh, blah.

The prospect of artificially increasing your regular genetics is a tempting one and is a debatable topic, but in the future these things will a reality if possible.

I believe it is both.


interesting premise and some of it is probably true.

the only problem is there is no such thing as a partial HRT. You can't just take a little extra T without your body compensating and reducing (or completely shutting down) your natural production - so if you start taking T you have to take a complete replacement dose, and then you have problems with disrupting the normal daily hormonal cycle, finding the right balance, aromatase issues, plus you shut down or impact quite a few other systems (like reducing levels of 17-hydroxyprogesterone - which normally converts to Cortisol).


This thread (and many like it in Politics & WI) is an example of why companies should stop encouraging people to, at all costs, become "outside the box" thinkers...works for some (a minority), but most people really have no business venturing outside of their box...