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Is HOT-ROX Ideal for Me?

Howdy all, well… I’m still down 18 lbs, and I’ve hovered at about that for 2 weeks now. I know not to base my progress off of the scale but its tough seeing a ton of visible difference (slight case of workout anorexia) WEH WEH IM STILL TUBBY

Well, many say I’ve lost most of my fat… but I still got some troubled areas I’d like to get rid of.

I’ve started lifting primarily now, over cardio. For example, I lifted for about an hour today and my cardio was tennis. As opposed to an hour of cardio, 25 mins lifting beforehand.

I have been considering purchasing HRX to make the intensity of my lifting go up, calorie-burning wise. I lift hard, and even when I push myself or do quick sets I still cant break a sweat after all the cardio I have done. It just simply doesn’t feel like I’m burning anything good, albeit my muscle fatigue still shows up after my usual sets.

So would I be an ideal HRX candidate? Trying to cut back fat while bulking up, would this work? Right now I am only taking protein and zinc. Protein drink for breakfast and protein drink an hour or so after my workout (after getting my post-workout carbs).

Anyone know if HRX is the right thing for me?

P.S. Is it normal to get a stomach ache after drinking protein shakes on an empty stomach… all day…

It seem like HOT-ROX would do you some benefit, assuming that your diet is relatively clean. If you do start taking them, I would recommend doing some cardio to really amp up your fat burning, as the Carbolin 19 will help prevent muscle loss.

As for the stomach aches, try eating some fibre (a piece of fruit, milled flax seed) with your shakes.