Is High Volume Training Not For Me?

I’m 6’2 , 190 pounds. I’ve gained my muscle mass mostly from the heavy weights in the 6-10 range.

Strength and Size is 100% correlated for my body.

Whenever I thought of changing or doing a high volume workout, within the first week of doing the high volume i faded away. I was looking small and depleted next days but my weight was the exact same. That’s the reason I haven’t gone for 2 full weeks of high volume workouts.

What is your reason or purpose of changing to a high volume training routines?

Jesus Christ dude.

^all posted within the last 2 weeks, not one piece of advice followed by you.

Pick a modality of training, stick to it as written, and analyze results.

Oh, and start a damn training log - as mentioned in almost every one of these threads.


I think you have a crush on me.

Following me everywhere.

I want to learn from everyone.

You’re not here to learn but all you’re doing is sitting on that phone of yours and monitoring what others are doing.

Get a job clown.

This forum is comparatively slow to other forums. You can pretty much catch up on everything in a lunch break, or even between sets if that’s your thing. If someone notices you asking a lot of questions, everyone else is noticing it too.

He’s actually giving you advice for if you want to get the best out of this place.


Im 28, have 2 houses, make 6 figures without overtime, take college classes, make time to train and take care of my family…


If you came here to learn, you would do best to start by listening… your ear muscles are clearly undertrained.

I dont think its right for you.

I’m actually asking my questions from the users, not from the coaches.

Good for you.

I’m not asking the questions not only from the coaches but you all.
This forum is not only for coaches but for the entire fitness lovers.

At this point, I believe you are better suited for ping pong.

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Says a faceless guy who’s not even suited for a life.

Maybe you’re a nice guy, maybe you’re not. The way you’re portraying yourself here so far is that of a man that is flippant, stubborn, ignorant, unwilling to listen, and wants to treat the people here like you can just keep sticking coins in them to get answers.

Lifting is game where you get out of it what you put in. This forum is the same. It’s also very forgiving. You’re not the first to start off like this, some of the most popular logs on this forum came from people that were a little like you. But guess what? Eventually, they actually started taking people’s advice and began to profit massively.

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Of the questions you’ve asked so far, what have you implemented in your training regimen?

Hey, I can play games, too. You’re a stubborn individual who refuses to listen to others, including professionals who’s sole JOB is to coach elite level athletes. Keep asking questions - perhaps you’ll get what you truly desire - not a single answer. I mean, you don’t follow anything anyone suggests.

Find your max on some lift.

Then lift 80% of that for as many reps as you can. The lower the number of reps you can do, the less volume you’ll need in training.

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I’ve asked for advice. That’s it.

And I’ve to listen what ?

I’m just asking normal questions and advices.

What’s wrong in that?

When I did that? You’ve just said I’m not listening to others but when that happened ?

Still in a better shape than you all.

Thanks dude. I appreciate your time.

That’s it.
That’s what I asked and all these scientists above are throwing ethics like fools.
They’ve wrote long para’s but don’t have time to give advice on my training that i asked.

And @Andrewgen_Receptors this clown is keeping an eye on me like a jobless guy. And then he’s claiming that he has 2 houses.
Just look you at.

You don’t need to attack everyone dude. Everyone has knowledge to offer but you’re just making psuedo-enemies insulting people along the way. It’s not about just this question, or just this thread. it’s your attitude. It stinks.

C.Thib shut you down for you appearing like you want to use this forum like he’s your own personal helper when contributing nothing. As soon as he says he doesn’t like you, you’re off posting on a different coaches forum asking another question. It doesn’t look good.

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