Is High E2 Affecting Libido but Not Erections?

After months of experimentation, I found that 225mg Testosterone Enanthate / week splitted in 3 doses via i.m. injection works perfectly. If I add 0,5mg Arimidex (Anastozole) to every injection, I have much higher libido. Without the AI I had some problems to finish (it takes me ages, but erections are fine). Does anyone else have the same problems? (High estrogen??)

I’m using 1mg of Finasterid p.o. daily; on Finasterid only, without TRT, I never had any issues regarding libido; so I think it is not a DHT problem.

Libido isn’t purely a mechanical/biological function. Your brain and all its manifest complications controls your desires, and that can be impacted for better or worse by hormone levels. Erections are mostly mechanical, but your desire to have one is not. It’s 100% possible to have strong erections and a low libido.

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You didn’t happen to measure your prolactin during these times, did you?

Unfortunately not.

If you keep tampering with your E you will never reach a point where your body finds homeostasis. So it will always be a guessing game. Plus you’re using 1.5mg of AI a week. Thats trouble already. Finasteride probably gave you no trouble yesterday, but today is a different day. You’re playing with fire.


I have been on TRT for almost two years. I am confident that adapting the protocol every 3 months isn’t too much.

Ok. Then I wonder why you have to change things so often. Youve experimented long enough to be able to settle on a TRT dose and perhaps a cycle here and there. But if you left it alone for 6 months would be a far more conclusive experiment. Dont you agree?

Just be careful man: when you use an AI we have no clue where E is being lowered. The labs we run only test E in our boood. Not brain or bones and etc.

It’s a scary thought when you realize this.

Your body can only create so much E and dht. When you take an ai you are essentially modifying your ratio.

Here is some research on E and how it’s vital for libido


Very interesting.

Thank you very much.

First 3-6 months of TRT at 120mg/week were amazing. Felt happy, energized, perfect sleep, inflammation down, rock hard erections, insane libido.

Went up to 140mg/week. Past 6 months have been horrible. Super weak erections, even when alone, even on cialis, no desire to even look at porn. Can’t reach orgasm, no desire to. 0 libido when waking up as well, which was always odd. Massively decreased sensitivity down there.

Also my pubic hair started to get patches in it like it was falling out and I noticed my arm and leg hair decreased as well.

DHT and E2 prob just too high. Time to lower to 100mg and see if it helps, might even go down to 80mg.


I think reaching saturation and homeostasis took longer than 6 weeks. I really didn’t feel amazing until the 3 month mark, and it lasted until 6 months. I’d like to cut dose down to 80mg or 100mg like some people on true TRT take (as said by a reproductive endo at MGH, world specialist in treating congenital hypogonadism) to see if it alleviates sides.

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That makes more sense. Usually when someone says they feel great at a dose you don’t expect them to then use a different dose, so I was confused. And ftr saturation takes about six weeks, that’s just how the math works, but that doesn’t mean that you feel good after six weeks. Some guys experience things exactly as you have, so it’s not highly unusual.

Its cause of high libido, everyone used to know this til the redicilous “anti-ai-brigade” came along fooling people “high estrogen is sooo good”.

Such a sad state of affairs guys find themselves in now due to this, redicilous.

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Well I’m not sure. When I went on TRT the first time at 27, I felt amazing on 150mg/week and had the highest sex drive I’ve ever felt in my life, and my trough was only 521 ng/dL on 150mg/week. I was also drinking alcohol.

Fast forward a few years, I go back on TRT, I’m 2 years sober, and 140mg/week troughs me at 721 ng/dL, and I feel 0 sex drive and have bad erections.

Was drinking increasing my T clearance? Increasing aromatization? Doing something to dopamine? Cortisol?

I can now get a higher trough on less of a dose simply by being sober.

Alcohol increases SHBG adding to clearance time.

Your free T.wont necessarily be as high but increasing SHBG will increase total T

Youre the Anti-Anti AI guy! Weve already established that were all different, and that some fair better with higher T/E and some with lower T/E. You’re becoming irrelevant broski.
It is now up to the enduser to see what works, but start with T only and then add AI if your heart desires to do so. Your life.

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I’ve been on trt for over 3 years now.

I actually felt good at 100 a week. Well I ended up on 140 cause you know you read and tell yourself why not go higher? And read that typical dose is 150 and many are on 200. It’s rubbish. Guys that were body building and did cycles tend to want to inject more. That’s what you got on this forum.

Am on my way down from 140 as well.

But you know what when I started metformin I believe I cleared t faster. So we need to keep in mind that when we start long term meds that may change how much we need.

You doing sub q?

You havent met anyone here in person, and were not bodybuilders, I know Im not. Higher doses are not for you, and lower doses are not for me. Were all an experiment at different rates, and stages. Its obvious that whatever symptom resolution dose you are at is a blessing. Some guys cant handle any high levels of hormones, others can, and the results are magnificent. I have noticed that its usually the low dosers that also require AIs, yet the high dosers have no need for it. Says a lot about the fact that some of you guys are simply very sensitive to a rise in levels. While some of us are sensitive to a dip in levels.