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Is High DHEA an Issue?

Hey all,

I’ve been on scrotal cream for two months after transitioning from pellets I had in December. HCT was high a month ago so I donated and retested yesterday. I’ve had semi-low E (non-sensitive) on all my labs and suffer from some joint pain from time to time. I decided to start supplementing with DHEA (25mg 2x daily) about a week ago in an effort to increase E. I’ve been feeling pretty good on it, maybe holding a little water but joints feel good and no BP issues or anything. I got bloods back for CBC and DHEA-S, still waiting on T, free T and E (sensitive).

CBC was good but DHEA-S was high:

718 (70-495)

Obviously out of range, I had taken 25mg about 3 hrs before bloods so probably a peak reading based on my understanding of the half life.

Any risks of running DHEA this high? I’ve googled but not found much info. Think I might drop to just 25mg a day. I’m feeling good but don’t want to create other issues. Will be interesting to see where my E is but won’t know for about a week.


Probably a smart idea to drop dose to get into range.

When I first started TRT, my DHEA-S was similarly high and my Endo said there was no concern.