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Is HGH Worth It?

I have the opportunity to have a doctor prescribe HGH to me. This is through an “anti aging” facility.

The problem is that it costs close to $600 a month.

Are the gains associated with the HGH worth the money when compared to roids? Or is this an apples to oranges kind of question?

Here is my story and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Recently I had gastric bypass surgery. I’ve lost 120 lbs and have been working out like a mad man for the past six months. I have tons of loose skin and I look like a Sharpei dog. I plan on having the skin removed around my midsection. The skin on my legs and arms isn’t that much. Though I was fat, my arms and legs were pretty muscular. I got into a bad car accident 5 years ago and hurt my back. The weight snow balled after that. I think if I coupled the HGH with a bulking cycle that I could make great gains and tighten that skin on my arms and legs. I’m happy that I’ve lost 120 pounds but I haven’t lost 120 pounds of fat. I know that I’ve lost a ton of muscle. I coach high school wrestling and now I’m getting thrown around like a rag doll. Ha Ha

I did a couple of cycles of anadrol & test when I played football in college. I made great gains with that. I just don’t know where to find the stuff these days.

So gents, if you were me, would you fork out the money for the HGH or would you go the cheaper route with the juice? I am also considering a stack with the HGH, what kind of cycle would you suggest?

My stats: I’m 38. 6 ft, 205.

I never tried GH, but lived with someone who did(and injected him quite often). He used a ridiculous amount, but ur doctor will probably raise u to the level of a 20 year old.

In order for this to be effective you also need to raise the level of additional substances in ur body such as insulin, T4/T3 thyroid hormones, gonadtrophins, androgen/anabolic hormones, even estrogen and corticosteroids…if your doctor dosent state this find another one!!

After seeing its effects, I would never use GH in the amounts that pro bodybuilders use today, but when I hit 40 I will definitely be in line at an “aging” clinic to reverse my levels 20 years.

for $600 a month? prolly not…unless you can get your insurance to pick up part of it…or you have enough money that it’s not going to cause you any financial hardship.

[quote]Clark Call wrote:
Is HGH as good as a test/eq/tren cycle[/quote]

In my experience…a definite NO. It’s a pretty disappointing compound. And I’ve tried numerous dosing schemes w/ slin, and with and without aas in the mix, daily dosing (@ 2-4IU), and 3x weekly dosing (@ 10IU). May have contributed to minor muscle gain and some fat loss, but nowhere near as potent as a solid AAS stack (like Test/EQ/Tren). And nowhere near the fat burning abilities of DNP.

I think it has minor benefits for anti-aging/longevity, but as far as GH being the “magical secret weapon”…no way. Not at $600 monthly. I’d try the generic Chinese blue tops first.

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