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Is HGH Worth It?

Ive heard HGH isn’t worth it, is this because the price wise VS other gear to result ratio to price or because litterally it’s that uneffective

I was thinking about taking 2iu a day for two months just to see how I felt

Would there be any short term or long term suppression on my natural hGH levels?

Btw it’s not fairly cheap

Two months is a waste of your money. It’s a slow burn. You almost have to accept that it’s going to be a 6+mo process and that you’re going to spend serious money.

Yeah I don’t think it sounds appealing

Out of interest, what sort of price can you expect to pay in the US for lets say 100 iu of HGH?

Just curious as I’m in UK

You can get quality ugl hgh for anywhere form 150-300 for 100iu if you know the right people.

Or if you buy pharma that will cost you upwards of 750+

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My price is 200 for 100iu

Sometimes I think about trying HGH 2-3 UI per day but I am afraid of organ enlargement.