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Is HGH Wasted Near the Belly Button?

If HGH is injected(subq) near the belly button is it totally wasted?

If its injected in the subQ then its in the subQ… :man_shrugging:t3:

I recently read somewhere that subq injections near the belly button don’t work well since there’s scar tissue over there. My question is, would it be totally wasted?

I read somewhere that subq doesn’t work well near the belly button because of scar tissues

well, you can always inject in in the right place… why do you inject it near the belly button? what is wrong with all other spots?

p.s - i dont think there is any difference to where you inject it… you can also do IM. I do IM for GH…

If it’s in your body it will be absorbed and it will work. Period.

I don’t. I was just wondering because I never heard about this first and recently read that subq shots should be an inch away from the belly button.

Subcutaneous shots can be done quite literally anywhere that you have skin. Location is meaningless.

It’s mentions here and other articles as well that it should be away from the bellybutton. Is this just bullshit then?

What happens if accidentally HGH is injected not deep enough for subq?

Anything below the skin is subq. So it would have to be running down your stomach or whatever for it to not be deep enough

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There are 2 more layers before the subq that listed I above

Bro. This is like your 19th thread on this.


And how thick are those layers?

Ok chill buddy. It’s the 2nd. Also HGH is expensive, so…

I know they are not very thick and I’m pretty sure I’m not injecting into them. I just want to know if hypothetically one was to inject in them would it still work the same way?

Not counting the one that got deleted because it was a new thread for the same thing you’ve been asking lol I commented on that one too

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If the needle goes in then you below the skin.

No, it’s the 4th. The original, two deleted, and one now merged here.

There’s no reason you to start for any more threads about HGH. Every one of your questions is being answered.

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