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Is HGH Good?


I have read loads of froums about HGH and some say it is good but others say it is overpriced for what it is and the gains you get from it.... what is the feeling on here ??? is it the best thing since sliced bread .. or is it a rip off ..
I have been told that to get any real effects you must do it for 4 months or so .. is that true ?


Is HGH good? No, it sucks donkey dick. That's why lots of money gets spent on it and it is so widely used.


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Check out this thread for HGH info..



"Is HGH good" Now thats entertaining.


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What? No pubmed references?



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well i won't join in the festivities as tempting as it might be sometimes. Honestly i think the OP's question is a fair one and probably on alot of peoples minds they are just afraid to ask (for some mysterious reason). I have "a bit" of GH experience so her are a few facts taht i think may help you:

  1. If by good you mean will 1-2 iu's for 12 wekks transform my life like what i read in "that book" which will remain unnamed.........NO

  2. If by good you mean will it dramatically change my muscle mass even though i have not yet exhausted all gains with basic anabolics...probably not

  3. Should you spend the money on it if you have not stopped making gains with traditional anabolics combined with sensible diet and training....no why would you?

  4. If after many years of training you are stuck even on reasonable doses of anabolics and good training and diet will it make a difference...yes it will, but thats all it is, one more increment in the bodybuilding arsenal...no magic

best of luck


Good post!

This is how i think of all the peptides actually.. Nothing gives the quality gains in muscle and strength like Testosterone based drugs. It is truly the number 1 performer in that regard, however for some, after years of use and when 2g+ of AAS gives very little, then this is when one would turn to alternative drugs/peptides to attain further gains.

Take IGF for example, if it causes some hyperplasia, then great - but this wont show very much in the 4-6 weeks on. However in the 6 months following it may very well assist in muscle growth that simply would not have been possible if it was never used.



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