Is He Perfect?

…No…nobody is…end of thread

Isn’t it a bit strange that a guy who is winning Mr.Mediterranean and other titles would be wondering what people thought of his physique on a net forum?

Anyhoo, he has short limbs, full muscle bellies, good genetics and symmetry and has built up a “pro-ish” physique with probably years of training, diet and “whatever else” he felt was necessary. What can we say that he doesn;t already know about at his level?

I think the weird tone the OP is using is whats holding this “friend” character’s rating down (and I’m sure he cries himself to sleep every night over his low rating on T-Nation)
The title is a little creepy imo “Is He Perfect?” Be much nicer if it was simply “rate my friend” or in that neighbourhood.

very impressive back

yeah I noticed the swollen nipples too. That is the first thing I noticed.

it is weird- maybe his friend doesn’t speak/write English? Hell, a 10 is a 10!

But is he happy?


Tell your friend to sign up.

This thread is a little bit… not right if you ask me.

[quote]Abdallah wrote:
do you think my friend is perfect ?[/quote]

Why the fuck does this guy get a 7 something when there are fucking idiots who can’t lift an i-pod and they get 4’s? Seems the rating system is a little skewed…

looked amazing until i couldn’t stop looking at his calves

so perfect i think i’ll have me some hummus…

I love the calves what are they a massive 2 inches?


Why are people still discussing this? OP hasn’t signed on since Feb 08