Is He Perfect?

do you think my friend is perfect ?





Pretty much up there, buut this thread is kinda weird, is that your goal or something. Who is the guy anyways?

he’s my best friend… he’s the the lebanese champion for 4 consecutive years… and mr. medeteranian… and… for the 75kg weight… he’s my training partner :)…

he asked me to upload his pics… to know what you guyz will vote :)…

The dude is in very good shape. Ask him to log on. Looks like he has a lot to offer.

I’d offer up a rating, but seriously, I’m just some schmuck behind a keyboard.


No, But he is

And another

Your friend has a very impressive physique. Tell him to start posting here. Im sure he has a lot to share.

Depends what kind of physique you’re into.

Perfection is kind of a fallacy IMHO.

“They… are all perfect… Except for the skinny ones.”


They left that last bit out of the film. Little history lesson there.


I agree, your friend needs to start posting here if he is so curious what others think of his physique. Isn’t winning national bodybuilding competitions assurance enough for him?

No one can be perfect, but your friend has done a great job trying to be so.

OP has a very strange attitude… perhaps this is a language thing?

This thread is odd. So is the fact that the photos of the OP’s “friend” are only getting a rating of 6.8 Tooooooo many haters!

not perfect - gyno lets him down

he’s in ridiculous shape, but seems too focused on bis, pecs, quads … what about some lifting stats? i think that’s much more informative along with some photos. seems like his shoulders/traps only have muscle cuz he’s shorter and in cutting (dehyrdrated) shape…

[quote]Abdallah wrote:
he’s the the lebanese champion…[/quote]

Funny, he doesn’t look like a lesbian.

He looks short.