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Is HCG Useless in My Situation?

Will dropping HCG and only taking Testosterone 80mg 2x per week preven my e2 from going to high and taking less AI?

Can I just stop taking my HCG? I’m 25 and not planning on having kids anytime soon.Can’t I just add it later when I do plan on having kids?

I took it by itself for 8 weeks(500iu 3x/week) and nothing really happened my test dropped from 757 to 345 after previously being on 100mg test only for 12 weeks.

Doctor now has me do 80mg test+500iu every 3.5 days.

However like I said I only want to do the test injections and that’s it. I’m sick of HCG as it did nothing for me so I’m put off by it and don’t see it as necessary at this particular point in my life.

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