Is HCG Safe for Long Term Use?

i have a good sperm count but im not looking to have kids for 5-6 years. is it safe for me to take low dose hcg (750 iu per week) for a long period of time. ive seen some people on reddit saying that hcg can mess up your lh receptors in the long run and actually make you infertile.

Yes, it’s safe. I’ve never seen any long term data suggesting it’s unsafe.

I asked that question last week during a telemed consult with a Doctor at Defy Medical. He said that HCG does a lot to help the body balance its hormonal systems, besides what it’s most thought to be used for (fertility issues). And, that dosing had a minimal threshold of dosage to be effective. Below that, and there’s not much benefit. So, for everyone, dosage and response is different.
For myself, the benefits of HCG (outside of fertility issues) have been great.
Talking to your doctor would be a good idea to address your concerns.

Waiting on db to jump on this.

What benefits have you noticed?

What I’ve noticed is that HCG seems to even out my Thyroid T3 and Testosterone TRT 150 mg/wk, subq 2x/wk, dosages and effects. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that HCG helps everything, balance all hormones, etc, across the board. The docs initially put me on HCG 2x/wk at 50 on the syringe. . (500 mg) so 1000/wk. Then I read that EOD was better because of the shorter half life and a lot were mentioning 250 EOD. So I switched to #25 on the syringe = 250 EOD. Recently my doc said that a minimum of 350 mg 3x/wk was better for me. So I do somewhere between 30-35 now EOD because 3x/week is confusing to make it even time lapses.
I also noticed that the HCG evens out my moods and general demeanor and stress levels as well.
This is my own experiences. Others may be different.

Hope this is helpful.

21 years old. done a spermiogram before starting trt which showed a very good sperm count. total t was around 340-400, tried clomid therapy and low dose naltrexone.
doc put me on 100mg cyp with 1500 iu’s hcg per week. now, im quite well educated on this so i personally have lowered my hcg dose to 600iu per week. still, experiencing high e2 symptoms already and dont want to take an ai. i want to preserve my fertility and dont want the risk of being infertile in the future. should i carry on with hcg and see if i notice symptom relief or ditch the hcg?

What symptoms? What do your labs show?

If you do come to the point where you want to try TRT only without the HCG, freeze sperm before you stop HCG.

Keep in mind that if you want to regain fertility later on HCG may not be enough. In case you’d like an incentive for using the cheap and effective thing today go ahead and price out how much it’ll cost you to run HMG for a few months. Assuming you’re a full-fledged sucker and you buy things at a US pharmacy it’ll cost you at least $4,500 for a 10 week course of HMG at a moderate dose.

im experiencing erectile dysnfuction, hot flashes and moon face. havent got labs yet it has ony been 2 weeks

Cycle it instead of always being on it. 3months on 3 months off. Its safe.

Maybe you’re not breathing enough lol. What’s moon face ? Check bloods to confirm E is high. Also what’s the diet. Maybe to much salt brotha! Maybe it’s just high blood pressure!