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Is HCG Recommended for Guys with High SHBG?

I always struggle with high SHBG and low free testosterone since I had my vasectomy more than 8 years ago. Before I was on TRT, my total testosterone was 658, but my free testosterone was 7.5 and my SHBG was 55. On TRT when I take HCG my SHBG raise up and my free test goes down, while my total testosterone is on 900-1000. From now on I will only take testosterone, no HCG. Why so many on this forum keep pushing saying that HCG is mandatory?. If you have low SHBG it is mandatory, but not if you have high SHBG, everyone is different and is not a one protocol fits all

I didn’t know HCG raised SHBG. Good to know. I’m on Test Cyp only, no AI (just DIM) and no HCG. I’m 30 and have one child, not worried about fertility but in the future I may mess around with it and see if I can get the wife pregnant again. My shbg is high 69-70. So I feel your pain. Good to know the free test will take a hit if I choose to try and restart the boys.

alphagunner How much test are you taking a week, and are taking it once or twice a week?. How is your libido on trt?. Sorry to ask you these personal questions, but I want to know how guys with high SHBG feel on the trt.

To me HCG is about avoiding “tissue” atrophy.

I recently worked up from 50mg a week to 70 a week. Yes its a low dose, ive been on TRT for about a year and the first 6 months were harsh. Took my body a lot of time to adjust.

Ive been taking steps to lower my SHBG, (cutting back on benzo use, and changing from lisinopril to losartan) and it has made a big difference. I went from not having any morning wood, night wood to having Morning erections, night wood and sex dreams. My libido is decent, not amazing, but I never have any issues and regularly want sex with my wife. Since going from 50 to 70 mg of test has also given me a little more free test and I feel better also.

Are you on any meds? Heavy Drinker?

I have ulcerative colitis that cause inflammation in my body. About test dosages, I take 150mg test a week.

Why don’t you try the boron then. I saw that Boron was an anti-inflammatory, and possibly how SHBG was lowered. Also why don’t you try some Tumeric, and or CBD. both work great for inflammation I use both regularly.

I’m currently taking 12mg of boron daily, I’m been doing it for one week. Thank you for your help

Im on Lisinopril (10mg day). I guess it hasnt affected my SHBG. It was 21 my last test.
I didnt even know that was a possibility…

I think over time it will increase gradually, and if you already have high SHBG , it can be a problem. If your SHBG is in the 20’s I doubt it would make a difference, but possibly over time. Look it up yourself, there is a government study that confirms Lisinopril lowers free test. For someone like me with such a high SHBG, I cant afford to increase it even a little.

Not reading all of this.

Root problem is the liver which makes SHBG. Liver problems can play into this. You need a liver panel to see if there is something there.

The prime driver of SHBG is estrogens and I can’t believe that you have not addressed your E2 levels or control in this post. The problem may be hCG–>FT generation, E2–>SHBG and FT+SHBG

hCG can drive FT–>E2 in the testes and you have not discussed your hCG dosing, a few are very sensitive to this effect.