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Is HCG Really Needed?


I know that taking HCG during your cycle will prevent testicle aptophy, and help you recover faster once your finish your cycle and start PCT.

But what are the negative effects of small testicles? From what I've read, you will not produce much or any sperm. On the other hand, you'll still be able to cum because you will still shoot other liquids out.

I'm asking because I want to go on a simple test E cycle (my first) 600 mg a week, and use clomid and nolva for pct while having aromidex on hand just in case. But my buddy is insisting I use HCG throughout the cycle and says that anyone who doesn't s a dumb fvck.

What bothers me about including HCG is:
- more price
- double the injections per week
- different needles to buy
- mixing the hcg with biosomething water
- adding another ingredient on my first cycle
- this one thing is making the cycle more complicated by tenfold


boy you are a whiner lol..

to answer your question however, I've never used hcg.. my balls are the same size they have always been if not slightly larger.. although im not sure they were ever very big to begin with.

they seemed to shrink when I used low/no test with high tren.

but now that im using high test they are back....

and functioning quite well.. though am I producing any sperm? who knows.


also for what it's worth.. I inject myself about 10 times a day..

so quit your bitching


I thank you for your initial reply, but I get the point. You don't have to keep flaming me. You inject yourself 10 times a day, here's a dildo to inject your a-hole.

I'm trying to get a discussion to read people's opinions on the usage of HCG. I posted about the positive and "negatives" of adding HCG to a cycle, especially for a beginner who wants to keep it simple. There's no need to continue being rude.


teenagers should not use aas


I agree.

Based on your lack of punctuation and terrible online attitude, I advise you to go back and complete high school.


I've ran with and without it. My balls never really shrunk that bad without it, I could still cum. With hcg recovery seemed a littler faster and my balls never shrunk.

Is it absolutely needed, no. But it's nice to have.


Dude you are kinda being a dick no ones breaking your balls. Everyone probably has different opinions on HCG check the t replacement section lots of info on HCG as many dudes over 30 do trt. I take HCG weekly its no big deal its a SQ shot with a insulin pin also you can use that same pin for IM test pins in your quad or shoulder. You can buy a box of 100 100unit/1ml 29-31G pins for $30 online easy thats nothing. I use the same pins for HCG, HGH, Test, B12 cheap easy and not painful....Im not sure how else to get HCG I get it from a compounding pharmacy they do alll the mixing so I cant help you there, I just show up and pay for it. Any how heres what I've been told from my doc on HCG 1) It directly stimulates the testes so they dont atrophy 2) It keeps them fuller some guys on trt use clomid which the doc says stimulates the pituitary to stilmulate the testes and most times it works. For these reasons I've heard if your not on trt use HCG while on cycle and use clomid while comming down. If on TRT HCG is common as its cheap, works, & is easy to dose. Also HCG 500units a week is plenty I just pin it all at once and get it over with but thats me. Without HCG my nuts hurt & shrink so its worth the $45 every 3 months to not deal with it. If you have accesee to HCG and you can afford it just do it other wise you may not like having small achey balls then you will really be a dick... :slight_smile:


Hey thanks a lot BUDs and thehebrewhero for the insight. I'll also be checking out the t replacement section.