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Is HCG Really Necessary for a Test-E/Dbol Cycle?

So im doing a test-e/dbol cycle

Dbol: 40mg ed for 4 weeks

Test-e 500 EW for 12 weeks

Do i need to take hcg? What are the risks/benefits? its my first cycle tbh.

Also, is a liverprotector necessry because of the dbol? Which brand do u recommend and where do i usually get those?

Appreciate answers!

HCG should be used @ 250iu 3x per week on ANY steroid cycle you do as ANY steroid cycle will shut you down.

It mimics LH which in turn keeps your balls from going into testiculsr atrophy.

This process keeps your testicles in a healthier state than if you did not use HCG and means recovering natural testosterone production, come end of cycle with a pct plan, will be made much easier. I also believe it has a secondary role of helping with fertility also.

x2 AndyJones Take hCG.