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Is HCG Muscle Sparing?


I am lifting pretty hard and was wondering if it spares muscle if go with out enough protien or calories. I'm taking 1000 iu weekly.


That's far too much. HCG should be around 400-600. More is not better here. You want "enough."

The HCG "muscle sparing" stuff is from the HCG Diet. I personally think that's complete bullshit.

What HCG does is keep your balls working when stressed or down-regulated, for whatever reason (diet, steroids), and thus keep your natural T up (which I suppose could have an indirect effect on muscle).

I strongly doubt it has any direct effect on muscle.


How many IUs should be used E3D? 200?


Muscle loss is a catabolic state. Low T can do that. hCG may be useful if it increases T levels.

hCG has a half life that dictates EOD dosing. 250iu hCG SC EOD is a LH replacement dose, which can be a mono therapy, which can work in some cases. Lower doses may be adequate for preserving the testes when on TRT.

E3D may be inadequate.