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Is HCG Mandatory in TRT


Just wondering if HCG would be something good to use all the time for everyone on TRT, or can it be left out sometimes?


There are exceptions but in general it’s good for everyone. Some don’t feel they need that benefit or the benefit is extremely small to them . And that’s not the only things small with them :joy:


Haha, so the exceptions would be the ones who don’t feel the benefits or are there some people who suffer adverse effects?


They seem to be a rare breed but they exist and some of the guys here are like that. Truthfully anything that makes a guy infertile probably isn’t the best. We use vety little of it so it’s not spendy. and I’ve only heard one guy say it gave him a bad side effect. As somebody else put it. We all started out life swimming in HCG. It can’t really hurt us


My Endo is from a cancer specialist hospital. He prescribes TRT to those that have lost testicles due to cancer all the time and never prescribes HCG. He told me its one of those things mens clinics due and he can’t see a down side, but he won’t personally prescribe it.


My uralagist said if was to stop. I would be sent to endocrinologist and would gave me clomid, and that dosent always work. I think best way would be only using clomid or hcg occasionally, so body dosent build tolerance to.


He deals with men who no longer have nuts. I can see his reasoning, though the man needs to understand that not everyone has testicular cancer


Im on 500mg /week and I dont use HCG. Nut shrinkage is only about 25% but who gives a fuck? Certainly not my wife who much prefers a raging hard on to big balls.


I used to think I was taking a lot.


hCG mimics LH. LH does more than just fertility or testicle size. There are many LH receptors throughout the body. No one knows what they all do, but it makes since to activate them.
LH stimulates the P450scc enzymatic conversion - converts cholesterol to hormones (Pregnenolone). The Gold stars are where LH is needed for these enzymatic conversions. Without them, there is no back-filling of the pathways. One could become deficient in the Glucocorticoid and Mineralocorticoid pathways.
You could supplement with DHEA and Pregnenolone to help ensure these, but then fertility, nut size, and LH receptors are still left out.


Link to the StAR protein:


Nice. So not need to point out that mitochondrial metabolism has these connections.

  • CoQ10 enables mitochondrial metabolism
  • Thyroid hormone fT3 regulates mitochondrial metabolism as part of the body’s temperature control loop.

There are other aspects for mitochondrial health such as antioxidants, but this is not the time or place.


Some guys have a really good mood elevation from hCG. Maybe from pregnenolone, but basically not a known mechanism.