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Is HCG Important?


While we are at it… Is HCG a necessity? My doc started me on it 3 years ago with my t. If I recall right that it lamens terms it helps the testes functioning. I don’t plan on having anymore kids and don’t really care about testicle size. Is it important to take it still? I have been of off it for 6 months because I moved out of state and had to get a new doctor who doesn’t know what he is doing. So he won’t give it to me.


This topic has been discussed ad nauseum…please do search first


Good looking out stud. Thanks


Just search anything written by KSMan for anything related to TRT, HCG, Thyroid, bloodwork, etc.


If you don’t plan on having kids it’s not necessary. I know several guys who have no plans of starting families who’ve used only T for years. I used only T for a dozen years before starting HCG. It’s highly effective for fertility.