Is HCG Absolutely Necessary?

After 8 months and your help, I have done a pretty good job educating my doctor; now on 200 test-c per week + adex. Test levels are just above normal and I have played around with the adex dosage with E2 in the mid-20 range. I feel good. Of course, my LH and FSH have basically shut down, but this was from an extremely low level pre TRT.

The doc is not willing to prescribe hcg as she says there are no long term studies. As my natural production was next to nothing pre TRT, is hcg necessary in my case. At this point there is no going back and I dobut that I could ever recover to my pre-TRT natural levels anyway. Fertility is not an issue as I am way past that stage in my life. If I continue to get test externally, is there any need to stimulate my (minimal) natural production at this point?


The main advantage of, HCG is to stop shrinkage and pain in the testes. and the production of pregnenolone as is commonly discussed. I personally think the most important thing is the production of pregnenolone that occurs from the HCG. The two times I have stopped taking HCG for a length of time, I got really irritable and mentally kind of “lost”. I don’t know how to descibe it any other way; i’m sure it was from the lack of pregnenolone.
Pregnenolone is available in capsules and also in cream forms if you wanted to consider trying it. In capsules it’s really cheap, and the cream forms aren’t terribly pricey either.
If your testes haven’t started hurting by now, they probably never will…

Forget if it was ACE or some other Endocrinology society that lists it as an alternative to testosterone. So she’s right there haven’t been any long-term tx. with the hcg use in conjunction with testosterone but if the endocrinology society can recommend it then so can she. Just need to gloss over the part of using it with the testosterone.

Read through this one, I think it’s it.