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Is HCG a Must on a Test Only Cycle?

planning on doing the classic 500mg test e a week, i got armidex and nolva but i was wondering if nolva is enough to get my balls back to their original size or that i need hcg because its hard to get that where im at right now

It’s preferred but not necessary.

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There is a shortage of legit HCG from all the compounding labs. My TRT clinic has sent several notices on this. They say do to covid they are not getting the base materials needed to make the stuff. I have no idea what that means. Isn’t the real HCG made from pregnant womens pee?

Yes, but I think they can synthesize it now.

That would be nice.
What is the forum’s general position on taking HCG to support the testis while cycling?
I would think it would help or speedup the PCT.

I am of the opinion that using it during the bridge between cycle and PCT makes a lot of sense. In that period T and E2 are coming down, the addition of HCG likely won’t cause high E2 issues. IME, HCG works pretty quickly, so that 3 weeks in-between cycle and PCT can be used to get the balls plump and ready for PCT. That is just my take on how I would use it if cycling (not blasting and cruising).

Threads like this remind me why I just blast and cruise… lol. So much less complicated.

There are major issues with HCG now. I just got back home from my andrologist visit and he’s aware. The mail order pharmacy I use has had a near 225% increase in price for each vial!

I think HCG is a necessity. The small amount of testosterone it produces has an outsized effect on some important downstream functions. It’s cheap (very few of us are using actual pharmacies) and it keeps an important part of your endocrine system running when it would otherwise be switched off. I’m pretty much an evangelist for it at this point.


I run HCG on blast and on cruise. My sexual health feels MUCH better

Small amount of T increase though? I think i saw up to 500+ ng-dl increase on T levels even with low 250iu doses? Is HCG really bad at increaseing T levels?

Definitely plumps the boys if you have shut them down. I use it for that reason alone, but I’ve also been on TRT for a decade.

I’ve never had that kind of response to it. But I’m sure there are some who get that big of a boost. It’s very user dependent, so it’s tough to nail down the dose for some guys.

The difficulty in finding the correct dose is the only thing that’s detrimental in my opinion. You don’t want to be using too much or too little. But it goes a long way. The testicles recover the slowest from cycling. Keeping them stimulated (optimally with physiological stimulation levels) is of high importance when cycling.

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Is it a must? no.

Is it a good idea? Absolutely!

Is it effective? Very!

I always felt much better on it. Loved it. I only stopped due to cost.

If you can get your hands on it and can afford it, don’t skip it.