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Is HCG a Must for TRT?

uhm people usually recommend it to young guys right? just because of fertility?

Preg is crested through this process and that hormone is something that can cause some serious mental issues if not at level. Without HCG your body doesn’t create or absorb new Preg.

I did not know that.
I have wondered if our bodies used FSH and LH in other areas and we are no longer getting any.

TRT and natty are so different I think it migh be because we are shutting things down that the doc and medical community aren’t aware of.

I tried supplementing DHEA and Preg at the start of my TRT journey my body did not like either of them.

The indications for HCG for men are all-over the place.
Some believe since on trt LH production ceases which is true. . So they take HCG which mimics lh for lh receptors in the body. .

Some just use as monotherapy for t deficiency and can confirm if it’s their testicles that are failing.

Some believe it maintains fertility but I don’t know how that is when FSH is still suppressed.

Some take to restart their balls after on cycle or trt.

Some get off trt to have a baby and take it only at that point.
I think evidence lacks that you must use HCG to ever have a baby. The testicles I don’t think die on trt.

I took 2 inject of it and it made me feel like crap. I’ve been on trt for over 1 year and have the same testicular size as pretrt confirmed by ultrasound. My balls also hang Ok.
I don’t think I ever had big balls.
I think from my experience the ball hanging is affected by free t and estradiol levels.

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Yah not sure either but it works for fertility. That jay cambell guy said he took 100iu 3 days in a row every two weeks or month and had two kids doing that. It seems if your fertile pre trt then it’s not hard to have a kid with hcg after u start trt.

I think it’s mind numbing crazy to come off trt to have a kid. Try hcg with trt. If you don’t get her pregnant fine try just hcg

@hrdlvn I am curious why you didn’t feel good with DHEA and Preg

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{@hrdlvn I am curious why you didn’t feel good with DHEA and Preg}

I never tried seperating them. Defy told me to take them before bed they were suppost to help with sleep. They gave me a coffee expresso buzz like too many cups of coffee. I could not fall asleep.
So I took them after breakfast. The buzz bothered me. I’m a very layed back guy and the buzz was messing with my anxiety. So I just quit taking them. My defy blood test before supplementing DHEA-Sulfate 176.7ug/dL 48.9 - 344.2 Preg was not measured.

It stimulates the testicles to make testosterone, which is necessary to produce sperm. If endogenous testosterone is already high, I doubt hCG would have much effect on sperm production. However, if low, it will. If on exogenous test, endogenous test will be low, so hCG will have an effect.