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Is HCG a Must for TRT?

When ur n trt is HCG something that stabilizes or inhances the protocol?

It keeps the balls alive and funtioning somewhat if your worried about that. It can also complicate trt though.

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No. Especially if you are no longer interested in being fertile.

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Also I retested as it was pushed hard to me and I was told about improvement in other hormones, libido benefits, etc. I’d rather keep things as simple as possible and I’m done having kids. I also don’t care (neither will my wife) about the aesthetics of atrophy - only is that’s a bigger health risk that I’m not aware of over the long term. I also had pretty terrible migraines through puberty and my spidey senses tell me that HCG could bring that hell back to life…

Reasons to use hCG with TRT:

  1. Actively trying to conceive.
  2. Avoid testicular atrophy.
  3. Some guys feel as though is helps them lose fat.
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So I don’t believe we discussed this in my thread. I have 3 kids and a vasectomy, and I’m already somewhat lean (visible upper abs), and my protocol is strictly Test cyp.

With regards to atrophy, is that just a visual concern? Or are there other side affects to the boys shrinking? I questioned my doc about pregnenolone and he said it was a precursor to T and since we are injecting T there is no need to worry about the precursor. But surely it’s a precursor to other hormones as well. Thoughts?

HCG in my country is always recommended for trt. Pregnenolone is a precursor to many hormones - not just testosterone.post-171182-0-54173700-1530385413

Hcg helps create Preg?

if you give testosterone from outside the hormone pathway from the above graphics crosses before the pregnonolone and starts only from testosterone. HCG administration solves this problem. sorry for my English

Ok but you can substitute preg witbout hcg. Allot of guys don’t tske hcg for decades without issue. Not sure how that works but I see the benefit: I don’t like hcg it makes me feel horrible. I removed it and half my problems dissapeared.

I think it was estrogen … without it I am not sure so we’ll see in the coming weeks.

The only thing HCG does is trick the body in thinking is has LH
Luteinizing hormone ( LH , also known as lutropin and sometimes lutrophin) is a hormone produced by gonadotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland.

Your balls will continue to try and make T but not sperm. Sperm is stimulated by follicle - stimulating hormone ( FSH ) HCG does not replace FSH

On TRT my balls ache and slowly pullup against my body without HCG.
I have been cut since 1985 so no way to make babies. HCG effect everyone different I love it. Some hate it some can’t see or feel a difference. Its’ so cheap at 70 bucks for 12,000iu why not give 1 bottle a try. That is the only way you will know how it works for you.

The use of TRT will result in high serum levels of testosterone, but low intra-testicular testosterone which then results in decreased sperm count and decreased fertility or infertility long-term. Using hCG will increase endogenous testosterone which will increase spermatogenesis.

Does your body still produce sperm on TRT or is nothing coming out anymore? I was always wondering about that.

It does, at a reduced level however. The question is how reduced and are you infertile. Both of our children were conceived towards the end of a couple of the largest and longest AAS cycles I ran. Just takes one.

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Interesting. So does HCG make you produce more sperm than without? I wonder if sperm count and volume are the same thing…

It stimulates the testicles to make testosterone, which is necessary to produce sperm. If endogenous testosterone is already high, I doubt hCG would have much effect on sperm production. However, if low, it will. If on exogenous test, endogenous test will be low, so hCG will have an effect.

Seems like you are speaking about the number or amount of sperm and the volume of seminal fluid. Different things.

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Okay, so on TRT you still produce sperm (with or without HCG), possible less than before, and HCG may have an effect, but probably more on the sperm count than on the volume. Does this sound right? The thought of no sperm/fluid on TRT somehow makes me nervous.

Sperm count will certainly decrease on TRT. However, if testosterone was very low to start, your sperm count may have also been low.

If you are actively trying to conceive while on TRT, take hCG.

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@mindphaser Your anterior pituitary gland controls your balls. It send two hormones to tell your balls to make T and sperm. When you go on TRT the term used is (((you are fully shut down)))
Your output of FSH and LH from the pituitary gland is basicly 0 see my blood test below showing I am fully shutdown.


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