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Is Growth Surge Project still going strong?

Today I completed the Quattro Dynamo program and now I’m looking for what to do next (after 5 days off). The Growth Surge Project really appeals to me, but I am wondering if it is still advisable ‘as is’? It’s a bit ol’ compared to all the great, new training information on t-mag.

Also, do you recommend changing protein/carbs/fat ratios during the different phases? I’m currently eating 25%/48%/27% (P/C/F).

Other than creatine (and maybe Tribex), I will not be using prohormones or similar supplements (they’re illegal here too).

My current stats are 145 pounds @ 16BF%, so while I have a little gut I would really prefer to continue bulking. I don’t mind adding a little extra fat since I’m afraid I’ll disappear into thin air if I begin dieting now.


Solid programs are never outdated, they simply age like a fine wine.

Go for it.

Without the PH assitance you will want to lower the k/cal amount some but should still receive good gains.

Also without the Mag ten you will want to pay close attention to recovery and overtraining during phase two. The Mag 10 is great with recovery during the 2 a days. Get plenty of rest and nutrition.


Thanks Phill, I appreciate it.
I think I will keep the 25%/48%/27% (P/C/F) ratios, lower the overall kcal intakes in phase II and see where it takes me.

Just curious as to your results on the Quatro Dynamo program. Alot of people posted that they were starting it but I haven’t heard any completed results and thoughts on the program.

I just finished the Growth Surge last week. If you don’t plan on using MAG-10, I would advise to use the Regular guy version, and axe the 2 a days. I used MAG-10 and started getting overtrained right up towards the end of Phase II.
Very solid program, though.

My .02…

I’m not too crazy about your macronutrient profile. How many calories are you eating each day?

Phoz, I’m with loopfit on your macronutrient ratio being less than ideal. Carbs cause a rise in blood sugar (unless you’re eating ONLY green veggie carbs high in fiber) and result and a release of insulin. Insulin kicks you out of fat burning mode and puts you into fat STORAGE mode.

Carb quantity, timing and type have EVERYTHING to do with how much fat you put on or whether you will reduce your BF%.

Start by calculating the amount of protein (1.5g x LBM) and fat (.4-.5g x LBM) you need for bulking, and then add carbs so that you’re gaining a half pound a week. Make sure you optimize PWO nutrition (i.e., Surge) and stick to green veggie carbs except for the whole-food P+C meal that follows Surge, that whole food meal would ideally include starchy carbs.

Good catch there, loopfit!


I would listen to Loop and TT. Your macro breakdown is not the greatest. Follow their advice, train hard, and grow.

By the way, I have to second TT’s good catch Loop. I didnt even notice.

Thanks for the input.

I used the 25%/48%/27% (P/C/F) ratios because it was recommended as the minimum caloric intake in the quattro dynamo program:
Per LBM:
1.50 protein
3.00 carbs
0.75 fat

Since my LBM is 120 pounds, that came to:
180/360/90 (P/C/F) at 2970 kcal.

Should I up protein and lower fats and carbs? Lower overall caloric intake?
I try to follow the P+C and P+F guidelines and get most of the carbs as oatmeal in the morning, simple sugars in post-workout shake and the rest in the two-hour window after workout.

TT >>
Aiming for a weightgain of half a pound per week seems pretty low? Is that a generel rule of thumb, regardless of body composition, LBM/BF% and training experience?

AceQHounddog >>
While on Quattro Dynamo, I gained 5 pounds the first week and about 2-3 pounds the following two weeks. I screwed up my diet for the last week and a half of the program. According to my bioimpedance scale I did not increase my BF% during the three weeks, but some of the gained weight is probably water. Also, when I started the program I had not been hitting weights or eating sufficiently for months so that probably influenced the gains too.


Phoz, you’re right about it not being a good idea to cut IMMEDIATELY AFTER a bulking cycle. If you would want to cut, it’s generally a good idea to do maintenace for a few weeks before starting a cutting cycle.

3g of carbs x LBM is the amount of carbs a person would take in on a bulking cycle while using a prohormone or AAS. I generally recommend 2g x LBM when a person’s goals are to put on some muscle and drop a little BF at the same time. Once again, that’s while using a prohormone.

If you are NOT using a prohormone and want to continue to bulk but minimize the amount of fat gain, I would recommend that you start supplementing with CLA because it inhibits an enzyme involved in lipogenesis (fat storage) and I would recommend that you drop carbs to 1.5g x LBM. You can raise the amount of carbs you’re taking in if weight gain stops.

Once again, controlling/manipulating carbs will minimize the amount of fat you add as you continue forward.

Yes, 1/2 pound per week scale weight gain is conservative, but it would be an excellent approach for someone who is in this for the long haul and whose goals were to maximize LBM gains and minimize FM gains.

It’s your choice, though, Phoz.

I am looking to supplement with prohormones for 4 weeks. Can I extend the two-week (growth) phase to 4 weeks?

Or would I be better off to continue with prohormones in the recovery stage?

My reasons for doing two instead of four weeks ‘on’ is that it seems to work much better that way.


What’s wrong with his macros? It’s very similar to 40/30/30, which I believe I’ve seen JB recommend in the past. No need to be carbophobic on a bulking cycle.