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Is Grow! Whey Better Than ON?


I've been using generic stuff from GNC but it tastes pretty terrible not to mention its pretty expensive. So which one is better? Grow! Whey or ON Gold?


Grow! Whey is only better if high-quality is a good thing.


I have used both and find the quality to be similar (I think ON has a little more whey isolate than Grow! Whey), however I currently use Grow! Whey because I can get it any time at a good price vs. trying to buy ON when I can find it on sale to get it at a price similar to Grow! Whey.


Grow! Whey is flavorless so there's not many uses I have for it (though I do use it).

ON chocolate is pretty decent tasting on it's own.


I'd go with ON simply for the flavors, not to mention that ON's whey has isolate listed first, whereas Grow! Whey lists concentrate first. Not a big deal, but its a little thing that's something to take note of.


If you have no lactose issues, I'd go with Grow! Whey. It's cheaper, it still provides high quality protein, and tastes damn good mixed with instant coffee granules or in a fruit smoothie.


Agreed. Finally got some Grow! Whey and the unflavored taste is actually quite milky, kind of creamy. Great for smoothies and for cooking things such as protein pancakes. Never tried it in coffee, but it sounds like it would taste pretty good.

And it's not like it's bad by itself. I think it's decent. I doubt a lot of people drink protein shakes for their awesome taste. It's kind of just something you chug down.

A way to make Grow! Whey taste better: the shake I take with me to school consists of a few scoops of whey, olive oil, and cinnamon. Cinnamon seems to go really well with Grow! Whey. It makes it taste pretty good.


The Mods may know this, but is there a way to find out the amino acid content of Grow! Whey? The protein company I used to use listed the amount of each amino acid per serving. It may be helpful in comparing this protein to others.


personally i reckon for non super hardcore pro bodybuilding workout cyborg dudes who nail absolutely everything else (training, diet, supplements, rest) perfectly, i think just judge based on price and taste (including mixability with h20/milk - whatever you use) rather than the intricate 0.5% difference in bioavailability or profile or whatever - as long as it's whey. i'm sure both are fine as long as you like the flava


if you happen to be in a bulking situation here's a good one to use with Grow! Whey:

3 scoops Grow! Whey
2 cups milk (2%)
4-6 Dates (chopped and pitted)
Ice as desired

tastes damn good, provides around 800-900 kcals and about 90g of protein