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Is ground flax seed as good as the oil?

I have been convinced of the importance of adding flax oil to my diet, but I was wondering if I could use whole flax seeds instead of buying the oil. I noticed a bottle of flax oil runs about $15-20, but a pound of whole flax seed is $1.19 a pound. I’m a poor college student so the money is tight. I was planning on grinding the seeds I need on a daily basis and taking it my OJ or MRP (not in my post workout shake though), but is this as effective as the bottled oil? Also, does anyone know how much ground flax seed equals one teaspoon of the oil? Anyways, thanks for your help.

Hmmm…I worked with this vegetarian guy who was doing his thesis paper for his degree on essential fats, and he was telling me that using flax meal doesn’t have the same health benefits as the oil for some reason. I’m sure that you could get your Omega-3 fatty acids with the flax meal, but I really don’t know how much you would have to use? I’ve done the same as you, and used to grind the seeds in a coffee grinder into a powder or ‘meal’, and then added to my MRP…but to tell you the truth, I don’t think that you necessarily have to use flaxseeds! You could technically just eat a handful of walnuts or eat salmon a few times a week, or even eat a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, there’s different choices you have to obtain your Omega-3 fatty acids. I think flax oil became popular when Dan Duchaine started writing about the importance of fats in Muscle Media…remember when fat used to be the #1 enemy in bodybuilding nutrition? So flax was a convenient way for bodybuilders to obtain the EFA’s they needed, but like I said, you could just buy some walnuts in bulk and keep them in the freezer or fridge and eat a small handful everyday or other day, or eat some canned salmon a few times a week. I’ve had good results just eating some natural peanut butter or throwing in a tablespoon or two in a chocolate MRP.

The seeds are a fine addition to your diet, as long as you buy them as seeds and then ground them into a meal just before use. The problem with Flax is that the oils (omega-3) are very prone to oxidation, so keeping them in seed form until use is wise, so as to prevent rancidity. Along with the Omega-3’s, there are lignans, fibers and other phytochemicals that are excellent for health.

Why not try fish oil caps you can get them at costco for about 8 bucks for 300 caps,I know Dale Alexander is the recommended brand but for while it would probably be ok.Plus fish oil contains DHA which is good “brain food”.