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Is Grip-Specific Training Necessary for the Deadlift?


Hi there, powerlifters!

Is grip-specific training necessary for the deadlift?

If so, what would you recommend? Do I have to buy grippers? What workouts would you suggest?

I have hang cleans and neutral-grip lat pulldowns in my program once a week, both done on the same workout, ten sets each. They exhaust my grip tremendously. Do you think that's enough for grip? Or do I have to do more?

Thanks in advance.


If your grip isn't what is failing on a maximal deadlift attempt then no I don't think its necessary to train grip separately.


I have never gotten something stronger by not training it. Having a strong grip is pretty awesome; I would train it if I were you. At the end of your deadlifts, take a couple of 45s off and do a timed hold double overhand. When you can do 90 seconds, add weight.


Since working on hook grip I love it. Though it doesn't require actual grip strength once you get it down its solid. And wont have to worry about the under hand pushing the weight away from you. Not sure if it pertains to what your asking but figured I'd toss it out there


Thanks so far, guys.


You can also hold the bar at lockout for a few seconds on some heavy sets. For example, if you are working up to a heavy set of 5 (or whatever) or even better, a single, hold it at lockout for 5 seconds on the last rep.


Getting a stronger grip will help. I don't know about specific grip training but I'm happy with how using Fat Gripz on a couple of exercises (lat pull-downs and shrugs) has helped along with Kroc rows and shrugs generally.


Just something to keep in mind is that having grip issues isn't limited to the bar slipping out of your hands.

Your body may actually slow the lift down so you don't lose your grip. If this is happening, then getting your grip stronger will allow you to pull more aggressively with more speed meaning more pounds.


It took me a while to notice this, once I started pulling mixed grip for certain weights instead of double overhand it felt much easier and faster in general.


Two things really help me, heavy dumbbell rows, and using a hook grip for deadlifts


Hey! Whuddya know! Someone jacked and strong agrees with me:



There is no better way to train your deadlift grip than deadlifting with that grip.

IMO if you use mixed grip instead of training it you should just not use straps. This will build the callouses up so that you dont tear them every time you do a heavy deadlift on the platform. With a ton of respect I think this is where Rubish has gone wrong.

Using Hook grip I think there is a lot more merit in training grip strength in the beginning because the thumb skin rips off so much easier, or at least for me. But once those callouses are built up I assume I can do more volume with Hook.


I would rather use straps and put my energy elsewhere than to grip training. Much simpler.


Why not both?

I don't get the folks who don't have 90 seconds to spare.


Deadlifting regularly never made my grip strong, here is what did:

Using thick bars
Lifting stones
Farmers carries
Reeves SLDLs


I hold the last rep of the top set for 10-15 seconds.


If you use mixed grip I agree with this, it's why it blows my mind when people miss a dead using mixed grip.