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Is Green Tea Herbal?


The title sums it up, I have searched around on the net and it seems like it might be or it might not be. I was reading the article about Chad Waterbury and he loves the Sencha Shot and I was wondering if it is herbal or not.

Honestly I am not really sure what the difference between herbal and non-herbal.


Herbal means from leaves, sprouts, buds, or flowers from plants. So yes, green tea is herbal if it isn't an artificial concoction of ingredients that taste like tea.


This may or may not be true, but usually 'herbal' refers to non-camilla sinensis beverages, and green tea is indeed camilla sinensis.


Wikipedia defines an herb as "seed-bearing plants without woody stems, which die down to the ground after flowering."

So I guess by definition, tea (camelia sinensis) is herbal. But if you want to get into pure tea versus herbal tea (tisane), that's kind of different. Herbal teas don't come from the tea plant. They are just infusions of other plants/flowers/leaves. Eg. Chamomile or Yerba Mate.