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Is glycerol an acceptable substitute for sucrose?

My problem is this…I simply cannot eat the amount of calories called for by Growth Surge (partII) when I only stick to the likes of vegetables, oatmeal, lean meats, etc. I TRIED. I’m way beyond just not feeling hugry; I am so full that I cannot function and I actually puked. I am using 2 serv of MAG-10 daily and getting good results except that I’m eating sugar (in addition to the veggies and oatmeal and skim milk)to get my calories up and this is making me gain fat faster. My question is this…can I use glycerol instead of sucrose to get my cals up and at the same time keep my insulin levels lower and more stable? Will glycerol intake allow me to gain as much LBM as sucrose, yet minimize the fat gains?

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I think your argument is absolute bullshit. I don’t mean to flame you, nor to I intend to change the subject, but it is my honest opinion. There are healthy ways to get buttloads of calories: whole eggs, peanut butter, nuts, protein powder stirred into oatmeal, MRPs to wash down meals, salmon, flaxseed and olive oils, pasta, etc., etc. Trust me; I’m being nice. For everyone who complains that they can’t get enough calories in no matter what they do, there are genetically screwed endomorphs who are hungry all the time even when eating above their maintenance levels.

Rice, pasta, bread, corn, fruit, milk, more milk, nuts, even more milk, etc. Try to drink a lot of your calories. No one ever said that you have to eat only high fiber, low fat foods while on MAG-10. You need to eat food and a lot of it. There are definately much better choices than sucrose or glycerol.

I don’t believe it’s practical or a good idea to attempt to get a major percentage of calories from glycerol.

Eric, did you read that he was on Mag-10? Whats up with the Peanut Butter, Olive Oil, flax seed oil, nuts, and whole egg recommendations? You are supposed to keep fat minimal while on Mag-10.

Gymmrat, No, do not use glycerol...the only use for this stuff is to soften nutrition bars and for pre-contest vascularity. As far as sucrose is concerned, it's part fructose, which has no potential to ever be stored as muscle glycogen, but rather is just food for the liver. Sucrose is much more readily stored as fat than most other carbs. Eat things like bananas (calorically dense @ 32 carbs for a medium banana and contains less fructose than most other fruits, it's also a good source of fiber) Also, try eating alot of pasta, you will be able to get the bulk of your carbs from low glycemic pasta like feticine...just make sure that you are using a healthy sauce without alot of added high fructose corn syrup and/or fat. Drink alot of shakes, but i would limit my milk intake, milk sugar is down the bottom of the list as far as mass building is concerned also.

NO, do not use the glycerol, it’s worse than sucrose, and sucrose isn’t even on the top 20 list of good carb sources.

I’m well aware of that; I’ve done two cycles already. However, total calories take precedence over macronutrient breakdown in this case (in my opinion, at least). Plus, in terms of overall health, these are more appropriate substitutes than adding in pure sugar as in some weight gainers, for example (although I’m not saying that is what he plans to do otherwise). Just my two cents.