Is Get Jacked Fast Right for Me?

hi! tldr- I want a 12 week body recomp program, progress pic included.

Returning T-Nationer here… it’s been awhile. Slowly but surely I’ve been getting myself back into t-dawg shape after a few year hiatus. Down 25 lbs over the last 6 months while having an extremely shitty diet. I’ve fixed that for the most part and am more motivated than ever.

I am planning on devoting 100% of my energy for the next 12 weeks towards body recomposition, not to say I will slack after that but during that 12 weeks everything else in the world will go on mute. I’ll celebrate my gains on 7-4-14.

300 lb
used to play defensive end in college and have a good amount of muscle memory - i have not been lean in some years however.

I purchased this program a few years ago(CT has always been my favorite writer/had the most success with his programs) and have experimented with some of the workouts. Some of the things are quite difficult for me due to injuries(sciatica!) and being a tall lifter. For example, stutter reps on squats? Not sure I can do those as the program describes. So I GUESS MY QUESTION is if I can only replicate movements then is this the right program for me? My mobility is extremely poor but I have no problem working hard. I think pairing GJF with a mobility program would probably be the answer but I am unsure where to start(I currently have infinite time to exercise).

Anyways here is my current progress pic… don’t laugh I’m trying to get swole again. - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Honestly that program produced great body comp changes in many many people. I’ve received tons of good feedback in that regard. But I also got the feedback that most people felt like crap while doing it (it IS tons of work).

Now I would probably focus on using a different approach, which would include a combination of:

  1. Heavy lifting
  2. Density lifting
  3. Loaded carries/prowler pushing (that would likely be the main focus if fat loss was the main goal)
  4. Low intensity cardio in small doses

And a solid diet, of course

Coach, would it be possible to have a generic sample program and progression?
thank you

Monday’s diet and my current torso. I think i’m down some bloat.

I don’t think I need a sample program. I pretty much know what he’s talking about. A little frustrating spending $40 on something to be told that is no longer a suggested route but I did purchase the book years ago so it’s all good.

I didn’t get enough protein yesterday. If I am reading the portions correct an individual over 225 lbs should be consuming 450g of protein in addition to post workout shakes? I’ve been dieting about a week now. My metabolism just isn’t there yet. I almost puked forcing turkey down my throat this morning.

Anyways I am going to stick with GJF and incorporate some mobility and sled/carrier work. I am going to document my progress for the 12 weeks and keep detailed logs(this is day 2). I plan on giving this my all. I may not do everything 100% but I am making an effort to do so. Example - yesterday I just couldn’t eat any more. Maybe my macros were off or maybe I just need to wake up a bit earlier to squeeze an extra real meal in.

CT, do you have a problem with me posting my daily workouts from GJF?

[quote]jamesgetripped wrote:
CT, do you have a problem with me posting my daily workouts from GJF? [/quote]

Kinda… not because I would lose anything but because it is so far away from my current system that it would bring on way too many questions. Please do not post the diet log either, first of all because you don’t seem to be using any of the supplements I recommend and don’t even use our brand of protein.