Is Gaining 15 LBS LBM In a Year a Realistic Target?

I like lifting and conditioning. I have strength and endurance goals I plan on working towards in the next 10 years, including being able to do a handstand push-up, deadlifting 400 lbs, running a marathon in 3.5 hours, and participating in an amateur strongman competition. My first goal is to look like someone who lifts weights. The exact number is immaterial, as long as I make improvements over time.

The exact number is immaterial. The real goal is to look like I lift weights. 15 lbs seemed like a reasonable number. I spent the last 1.5 years losing fat, doing random stuff in the gym and not enough conditioning. I doubt I’ve exhausted beginner gains.

I’m nowhere near as successful as a lot of the guys on here, but friends and family tell me, “Barley, you look like you lift weights.”

There’s only one way to figure out what one year of dedicated training will do for you: put in the work.

I’ve found I enjoy training much more without a timetable in mind, running T-Nation programs, and enjoying the ride. And it IS a ride.

I took part in the Surge Challenge last summer and spent the end of most workouts a slobbering, gasping mess of a middle-aged man laying on the floor whimpering. But I was grateful for every second. As far as I can tell, that’s the only mindset that will take you anywhere.

Good luck!

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I think you need to follow @T3hPwnisher and do everything he does - this sounds like a perfect match to your goals, if I’m being honest.

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As someone that has been doing this for 25 years without a break… no it doesn’t seem reasonable. You’re 5’11 and 175lbs. You have room to grow but if you think you’re adding 15lbs of LBM In a year, well have some time shares to sell you.

This is much easier to accomplish. The mirror should be your goal.


This is easily realistic. I’d suggest 531 Beach Body (named tongue-in-check). It’s a well rounded program that emphasizes the “looks like he lifts” parts of the body. It’s also a fun program.

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Nah man: I’m an evil influence remember? Soon they’re gonna make me drink hemlock!

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Totally concur with that.


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Lots of good comments here, it helped me clarify my goals. I’m going to continue to lift weights 3x per week with 1-3 runs/cross training conditioning workouts, because that is what works with my schedule (full time job with wife and kids). I’m going to take the program suggestions, add them to my list and try to make a long term plan.