Is GABA Safe?

Hi all,

I tried a post on GABA some time ago but go no response so I’ll try again as I have 2 bottles of this lying around.

First, I’ve read it can help hormone levels and promote a good sleep as well as has some fat burning properties. So is anyone using it and have you experienced any side effects?

Currently, i take ZMA before I turn in and think it may help some but I’m going to soon run out so is GABA a viable replacement?


Viable to me means that it works via the same mechanism - I assure you it does not.

GABA did not work for me. I had sublingual tabs by source naturals (150 mg ?) and took it 2-3 times a day, as prescribed by a nutritionist. Didn’t really help to calm me down or put me to sleep.

ZMA did, however, have a noticeable affect on the quality of my sleep.

try phenibut.

it’s basically a synthetic GABA…

works well when used sparingly.
the best part is it makes you feel all fuzzy and warm…