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Is FSL Supposed to Be Combined with Assistance?


This is a quite straight forward question. In beyond, when describing FSL Jim says: ”It is also great for those with limited weight room time, who want to hit the main lifts and get out”. Now, from what I have seen on the forums, some people seem to be doing FSL and then doing additional assistance-work on top of that. Is this simply a matter of preference or could it perhaps be benificial to be doing FSL with for example the triumvirate-template?

Thanks in advance!

Don’t mix FSL and triumvirate. Those are 2 different supplemental programs.

Use assistance work with FSL. Do sets of assistance work in between your FSL work to make it go faster.

So what would be the difference between a supplemental program and assistance work then? Isn’t all of the exercises that are used in the triumvirate examples of assistance-exercises, or perhaps I have just majorly misunderstood something? If so, what would be an example of assistance work for - say for example, a squat workout using FSL?

The naming convention changed. In simple terms, Supplemental work involves a barbell. May be a different variation ie incline bench.

Accessory doesn’t involve a barbell and is used to balance you out. Bodyweight, cables, dumbbells, Kettlebells. Whatever works.

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This is correct. If you read Beyond, the terms may be a bit different and there has been some evolution of the program from the early templates.

In general:
531 = the percentages of that day’s big, barbell lift based on your TM.

Supplemental = some form of extra barbell work, usually with that same lift done above. Could be 5x5 FSL, BBB, widowmaker, or SSL. These are all ways to get more work in on that lift.

Assistance = non-programmed movements focused on “getting the reps in”. Examples are bodyweight work, KB work, or DB work. Typically you choose a push/pull/lower-core and get the reps in. Many people (myself included) do these between the 531 work and supplemental work, rather than at the end of the workout.

Thanks a lot, that seems to make sense. So for example a bench workout could be something like the basic 5/3/1-work, followed up with 5x5 bench, with dumbbell chest press and dumbbell rows in between the FSL-sets? How would you rest in between these exercises? Any thoughts about supersetting the assistance?

Rest and choice depends on your goals. I haven’t super setted a push with another push like bench. I would do a pull, like rows, and a core/leg with bench, like ab roll outs or DB rdls. Might work your way, I haven’t got enough experience.

Then I’ll SS whatever is left like Tri and bicep exercises

Tbh i superset all the way through even if it’s just band pull aparts or pistol squats. On FSL I rest 60 seconds like the beyond 1.1 workout. In fact most of my work follows the principles of that program.

Rest only as needed.

Supersetting assistance is a great way to be efficient with valuable time and space, and keeps one from sitting on his ass too long in between sets. I like supersetting DB bench & DB rows; Dips and pull/chin ups on the same power tower as well. Face pulls/triceps rope pulldowns/cable hammer curls, etc. I’m limited because I work out in an always-crowded giant commercial gym at prime time, so I make do the best I can.

Same as this guy. I recently thought out loud on here about programming due to a busy gym and a lunch break to get it done with.

Currently trying spinal tap 5 pros on 3 days a week super setting all the way through. The conditioning aspect was definately felt on deadlift day today.