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Is flax oil really necassary?

Why flax oil? It’s expensive and comes in small quantities. I can spend seven bucks on a bottle of virgin olive oil and get three times as much. It should have the same hormone boosting capacity and seems to have a better balance of omega 6 and omega 3. Flax oil is way to heavy on the omega 3. Opinions?

Hmm, Flax Oil isnt expensive over here (UK) a tub of “Flax liquid gold” is about £8 ($14ish) and that has about 70 servings in it. Dunno about you, but i dont mind paying £8 for 2 months worth :slight_smile: Just my pennys worth :slight_smile: Paul Govier

Omega’s 3’s are exactly what you want. Most people get way too much 6.

I have seen flax seed oil as low as $14 for 32oz. The health benefits make this one of the cheapest supp. that really work. I use it on a daily basis both when gaining and dieting. Omega 3 have been proven to do some very amazing things hormonally. Definitly a must use suppliment.

TEK has it exactly right, as usual.

read “The Fat Rountable”. i can’t remember what issue it’s in, but it should be easy to find through the search.

I understand that the physique is much the focus of this forum and site, but I think all too often we neglect our HEALTH in favor of just thinking what looks good. Omega -3 for health is ALL the rage right now. The whole point is that Omega-3 is preferable for cell membranes compared to Omega-3. Whether these claims are going to hold water in years to come is another issue. cutting out omega-3 in favor of omega-6 is to me like saying ‘I’m going to stop eating avocado’s because they are expensive and I’m going to start eating bacon because it doesn’t raise your HDL levels as much.’ It’s just plain backwards.
“Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong”-Dennis Miller

Hey guys,I want to get lean now.I recently bought flax oil,is this beneficial for getting lean?

Chris Aceto claims he advises his lifters to take 2-4tbls. a day. To me that’s a bit much. I go for 1 to 2. Acteo claims it is critical to take the falz while lowcarbing. He adds that the result is sometimes fat loss and muscle gain, via a T boost from the fats and a fat releaser/preventer effect like CLA. I noticed a positive body comp. effect. Though you have to pay attention to your total cal. intake. As for other benifits: lower cholesterol; reduced blood pressure; good for arthritis; prevents Alzsheimers and depression.

O yeah: if you don’t like the oil, do you like salmon? Very similar profile. If so, try it 2-3 times a week.

It helps me lose fat at an incredible rate, while preserving lean mass. It does becomes difficult to use when dieting due to the caloric density of the product. I use about 400 cal. from flax a day when dieting. Make sure to cut out 400 cal. of carbs to compensate.

Jim. Your body uses essential fatty acids (you get these by eating fat) for numerous functions in the body: they are the major components of cell membranes around every cell in the body, as well they play exclusive roles in the brain, eyes, inner ear, sex organs and other specialized tissues. The body uses many different fatty acids for these functions but when one or some are deficient in the diet, the body has the ability to splice and rearrange other abundant fatty acids to manufacture almost the entire myriad of fats it requires.

There are two ‘essential’ fatty acids however that the body can’t make: Linoleic acid (LA) and alpha-linolenic acid (LNA). These are the only dietary fats that are needed to live (of course saturated fats appear to play a role in boosting T, and getting a broad range of dietary fats helps the body so it doesn’t have to rely on rearranging molecules), but anyway the point is that while olive oil is an excellent source of linoleic acid it actually contains no alpha linolenic acid at all. In theory, if olive oil was your only source of fat (which is impossible unless all your food was made in a laboratory) you would eventually sicken and die. Don’t get me wrong olive oil is very healthy and should be a part of anyone’s diet but it’s essential to have a source of alpha-linolenic acid.

This is where flax comes in. It’s oil is loaded with LNA (more than any other vegetable oil I believe) and it also has a healthy proportion of LA as well. Other great sources of LNA are pumpkin seed oil, soybean oil (but don’t take it cause it’s estrogenic), walnut, hempseed and canola. A subtle “detail” that’s VITAL you pay attention to is that the oil is raw and unprocessed. If you go out and buy just run of the mill canola for cheap off the shelf, there’s a good chance it’s been fucked with by Proctor & Gamble, or someone else. Their industrial processing alters some of the molecules into ‘trans’ configurations which cannot perform any biological funtions in the body and are harmful (heart disease, strokes and other fun medical adventures).

You’ve probably heard a lot about EPA and DHA…fatty acids found in abundance in cold water fish like salmon. You’re body can also manufacture these from alpha-linolenic acid but it’s a tough conversion (especially as you get older), so you help yourself out a lot by consuming these directly (eat one or two salmon meals a week to cover your bases). Hope this helps.

Eat Kippers (smoked herring) high in EPA/DHA and I read somewhere on T-Mag that herring contains the highest natural source of creatine. The tin I eat has about 40gms of protein and 30gms of fat (<1gm carbs) and tastes good! I’d still down the flax oil though, helps with body composition for sure.

Yes as Tek said… Omega 6 is easy to get in daily foods, unlike omega 3. However if you are not getting omega 6’s in daily foods, you can easily become Omega 6 deficient. If all your omegas come from Oil only, Udo’s Choice oil is the perfect ratio of 6’s and 3’s.

Stay away from it. Flaxseeds and flax oil are estrogenic. Take fish oil instead.