Is Expired Protein Powder Bad?

I just bought a jug of Pro Rated protein. It was cheap so I bought it. I just noticed that it expired in may of 2006. Is it okay to still use???

I had diarrhea last time i did that.

No I wouldn’t use it. Its expired.

Diarrhea cha cha cha. when your going up a ladder and you hear something spladder…

But really it was some old ON casein but I ate it anyways because I bought it. Im like that tho…

some lady who works at GNC told me that the products are good up until a year after there expiration date. I would take that with a grain of salt though I dont think many of those people who work there care about selling shitty things as long as they make their commission

The tub in my possession now has an expiration date of two years from now. Assuming yours is similar, and assuming mine was made right before I bought it, that means yours was made in 2004. So it could be over 4 years old. As you said, it was cheap. Toss it, and look more closely next time(not that I did when I bought mine).

If it was expired only a couple of weeks then I would say to finish it ASAP, but dude your talking TWO YEARS past the date reccomended. As for the GNC comment, I used to work for one by my house.(only for the geological convenience I swear!!)

As a FORMER GNC employee i would have to say that the place is just a scam shop!! We sold protein for more than double what we payed for it and my boss was such a greedy prick that if people didnt ask us for the sale price we would override the price and make them pay full price. And if a GNC salesperson is pushing something it because of commission, not because the shit works, most of the things we get commission on are the things that won’t sell otherwise…

I would’nt buy ANYTHING someone there is pushing, regardless of what they say.

yeah i just applied for a job there actually, like your reason its location is convenient and I wouldnt mind a discount on protein, its pretty much all i spend my money on anyway, that and food.

Yah funny story back like 2 years ago when I just started training and was oblivious to anything and everything that I should have been doing I went into GNC and this little asian women was working there she was like 4 foot 10 85lbs and she was telling me what I needed to do to get bigger and what I needed to eat well needless to say 15 minutes later im leaving the store with all my supps ready to get huge and with $170 less in my pocket lol

I kick myself now whenever I even pass a gnc!

While I realize most GNCs and their employees are worthless, I did have a good experience with one recently.

About a month or two ago when I decided to turn things around again I wanted to get started right away and that meant getting my hands on some protein powder with as few carbs as possible. I hit a GNC that I happened to be passing.

The salesman asked if he could help and I told him what I was looking for, and that I had pretty much determined that Isopure was my only bet for something with fewer than about 4 carbs per scoop. He agreed and also pointed out Xyience (2 carbs but 1 is fiber).

What was really helpful was that he showed me some Isopure (banana-orange-pineapple) that was on clearance (was going out of date in a couple months, but still good). Then he noticed the sticker on it and said that he could mark it down more. I ended up getting the tub of Isopure for about $19.

He never suggested NO Xplode, or even the GNC multi-vitamin (which I was expecting to hear about) and he didn’t pressure me to renew my membership early.

My favorite GNCs are the ones in Rite-Aids that have no specific GNC employees.

Dont use it. I got ZMA from a website in the uk that is usually top notch, and it was out of date that month. Got a new tub sent out straight away when i emailed them.