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Is Everyone Retarded?


back home my five best friends all read T-Nation and were avid lifters, so when i came to college i was in shock when i started talking to people about training.
all of a sudden everyone thought slow and fast twitch muscle fibers had to do with speed and not rep count, creatin was a steroid, testosterone is a bad word, high reps make you lean, for some reason everyone thought that test. was THE STRONGEST steroid on the market. and the other crazy thing is that everyone has a friend that has 3% body fat.
it gets even more fun when i approach people logically with arguments and they are so entrenched in their narrow minded ideas they won't listen OR do their own research. everyone listens to this idiot who has is personal training degree so obviously he knows whats up.
ya basically i hate morons and now i am surrounded by them. Anyone else stuck in the same situation I am in? I just choose not to talk about training with people any more, but I love researching and just conversing about training in general! Talk about frustrating


I'm getting close to not talking to anyone about it, especially my girlfriend. She loves working out and eating right, but she hates taking my advice. I'll give her advice and get her on the right track but the SECOND someone else gives her an opinion i am totally wrong. Lifing heavy... Its IMPOSSIBLE to gain size on a calorie deficient diet (she think her legs are getting bigger, yet hasnt gained a pound in a year)... high intensity cardio. Her arguments are always referrenced to a trainer she talked to ONCE or an article is M&F Hers.

Her - "But i heard low intensity cardio burns more fat"

Me - "But you want to burn total calories, what does it matter if you burn 80% fat but only 100 calories in an hour?"

Her - "But i read that in muscle and fitness Hers, which is geared towards women."

me - "why do you even ask me?"


hmm, sounds like you need to hit the showers.


Dude you are an idiot! Just because someone does not have the same level (or not) of knowledge about lifting as you it does not make them a retard.

If they are not interested in taking your advice then why not just advise them to read up on it so that they can decide on there own, if they do I am sure they will come back and thank you for it after. At the end of the day everyone has got to start somewhere!



In answer to your initial question: yes.


I feel you, dude! Try explaining to a woman that we all have exactly the same number of major muscles, and therefore should train using the same exercises...she'll call you crazy! After all, M&FH has a woman with pink dumbells doing 3 sets of 175 reps, which is the way female muscles get stimulated. As men's muscles are different, we have to use 5x5s and other wild things like that.

Hang in there, Lonnie, she'll come around eventually.


believe me i'm not trying to preach to these people, just have a conversation when i ask them to do reserch or direct them to T-Nation they immediately say its a "steroid forum" and blow it off. they think that because "some trainer" told them this or that it is set in stone.


I thought fast and slow twitch fibres were about speed???


Test is the king.


Just let it slide ... a person is smart, people are not, if you know what I mean.

I never hand out advice unless I'm asked, and I never use the words "you should.."

Let it slide, caring about what other people do causes stress.


Do you want to tell olympic lifters and sprinters that its the opposite?

 Just let your training speak for you, monkey see, monkey do.


It's the perceived quality of the information source...

An established magazine or some external party who teaches this for a living is obviously more qualified (not really, but perception is "reality").

It works the same in the business world. If you are an expert in the company, nobody cares what you think, but call in an external consulting group filled with people less expert than yourself and whatever they say goes.

It probably has a lot to do with the presentation...


If you look like you know what you're talking about, people will listen.


He might mean that you recruit mostly slow twitch fibres for high reps, and mostly fast twitch for low reps.

Although that's not the whole truth!



Vroom hit this one dead on. Two things to add. The first is the phrase "they're certified." I've actually thought of getting a cert "for fun" just so people would listen to what I had to say, but it's not worth the money since I don't do this for a living. The second is "they're a professional," with the word
"professional" simply being defined as getting paid for it. I've gained some very professional knowledge from T-Mag articles and it was all for free.


Sxio your avatar is going to give me a siezure


Who cares? Ignore them & lift!


Ask her to try the stuff from M&FH for a month, and then try your workouts for a month. At the end of that, she should notice a difference.