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Is EQ Worth Using


I'm planning on running a medium-short cycle (8 weeks) test prop and EQ. I like that EQ seems to promote mostly lean gains, and was hoping that on this cycle I'd experience minimal bloat while hanging on to most of my gains. Maybe something like:

Week 1: Prop 100mg ED, EQ 600mg/wk
Weeks 2-6: Prop 100mg EOD, EQ 300mg/wk
Weeks 7-8: Prop 100mg EOD

Is 6 weeks long enough to see any significant gains out of the EQ, or would I be better off with something else?

Also, how will the EQ effect my PCT regimen? Will is stay in my system long enough to prevent natural T revcovery 3-4 weeks after discontinuing usage? I'd like to run a test taper into arimidex. HCG dependency scares me and I don't think my cycle is long enough to warrant it anyway.


I love EQ but you are not getting all the benefits of EQ if you run it for only 8 weeks. Just my 2cc's. I would say 10-12 weeks minimum for EQ. You should try Decca for a shorter cycle. If you are concerned about bloat, up you dosage of A-dex and you can taper on the A-dex. Dont taper your test or EQ. Run Prop @ 100mg/ed for your entire cycle and keep the EQ @ 500-600mg/wk. You need to have all PCT in hand before you start any cycle A-dex, Nolva, Clomid.

Why are you running your Prop EOD,and not runing your EQ at a higher dosage throughout? I guess the real question is what is your age? experience with AAS? and what does your training/current diet look like?


Given that this would be my first cycle, I was thinking that I would see plenty of benefit from a lower dosage. I'd like to gain somewhere around 15 lbs of lean mass and maybe even drop a bit of bodyfat. I was hoping to get into the single digits, and right now I'm hovering around 205 @ 12%. As far as my background, I'm an experineced lifter/athlete. I played high school and ivy league football. Now that I don't have mandatory drug tests, hence the cycle.

As far as the Arimidex goes, I was planning on running it throughout the cycle continuing into PCT anyways.


I am not the most experienced regarding gear, however my PERSONAL thoughts on EQ/boldenone are that the Appetite Stimulation alone makes it worth it for me...as I generally don't like to eat.



EQ min time 12 weeks... max 16 weeks.

i never noticed the hunger but I did get some vascularity!


You should be good with the higher dosages.


It is a much more potent drug on a mg-mg basis than nandrolone decanoate, it aromatises very little and can be used in both bulking and cutting applications. It can also be used by both women or men, but the long half-life does complicate things.

I am actually interested in trying boldenone in suspension form.


So P22, how would it effect your PCT regimen? How long would you stay on Test after stopping the EQ before starting PCT?


I would stop the test before the EQ.


You would need to stay on the test propinate untill week 18 or 4 months and 2 weeks before blood levels of the EQ would be low enough to being recovery of your natural test production. I am pming you the pct graph now...