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Is Ephedrine/T3 Stack Too Catabolic?

Hello, a friend of mine wants to run a ephedrin/t3 stack but is afraid of loosing too much muscle during it.
I told him that I thought Ephedrin was anti catabolic but I wasn’t sure, can you guys enlighten me about it ?

he also isn’t sure about the dosage he’ll try; either 12.5-25 mg a day without going up or slowly increasing every three days until 100 mg then slowly decrease until 0
Edit : more like mcg

with 80 mg/day of ephedrin divided by 3 takes

During 3 weeks with keti for ephedrin

Would that be a correct cycle ? as he’d like to go from 13-14 to 10 % bf

never understood why people make accounts to ask things for their friends…

I’ve never used T3 but by reputation it is pretty catabolic, so I wouldn’t use it unless I had a hefty dose of androgens in me.

The ephedrine on its own will be plenty

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i agree with Yogi about ephedrine… i think it’s the best fat burner i’ve ever used, and it’s a better appetite suppressant that anything else i’ve taken, and it’s a great pre-workout enhancer as well. i used 25 mg of ephedrine with 250 mg of caffeine 2-3 times a day.

T3 can accelerate one’s metabolism to the point where you start to lose muscle…i think the ephedrine would minimize muscle loss, but not completely prevent it. it depends if he has muscle to spare, or not…

if he’s never used ephedrine by itself, then i’d just start with that. he can always add in T3 down the road…

below is a link that has some further reading on beta agonists and T3:

Thanks for your answer I’ll tell him !

Well I had one last question, is there a “limit” to albu/ephedrin use by day ?

I’m myself on albu now and will probably change to Ephedrin but the ES I feel are barely inexistant I feel like I could really manage higher doses than 32 mg/day of albu by exemple

But not sure if it depends of one tolerance or not

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i think it depends a lot on the user, but typically guys keep ephedrine to less then 75 mg a day. i’ve gone up to 100 mg (with 1,000 mg of caffeine), but you’re not gonna get a lot of sleep with that stack. if you’ve got high blood pressure, then i would not recommend that…

i’ve heard albuterol recommended at 25 mg/day, but i will admit that i never felt much on that, and would be apt to push the dose pretty high on that.

Feel exactly the same

I can even sleep during the day with 500 mg caffein + morning coffees and 32 mg albu so

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I like albuterol the best, Its anabolic in higher doses, Clean energy, shorter half life so sleep gets better than clean. The hardest part of the whole deal is avoiding tolerance, and the frequent dosing that albuterol requires. If I had to pick a fat loss agent it would be albuterol. I don’t like t3 I think its too catabolic unless used with a test base

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