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Is Eating Raw Sweet Potatoes OK?

Cheers pal. Sensible

If you have a car, get some aluminum foil, wrap the potatoes in it, and stick it in your engine and drive around.


Agreed. It can be done.

Totally forgot about this! When I used to do construction the one of the contractors used to bake potatoes on his engine block all the time, haha.


Canned beans. And don’t be racist about it. White beans, black beans and pinto beans are all great for you.

So not a single boyscout among you. A simple dead stick fire with the potato wrapped in foil will cook it is about 20 minutes. Cooked or raw I don’t eat the skin on a sweet potato. sea salt and goats butter will really bring the flavor out.

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The OP never gave details as to WHY he was not able to cook. I am quite proficient at cooking things outdoors. I am not anything eats sweet potato skin. It’s pretty tough.

I agree ChickenLittle. We need more info.

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