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Is Eating Meat Harming Your Penis?

Hello fellow T-nationers, watched Game Changers on Netflix last night, a doco about renowned athletes and scientists who prove that everything we have been taught about protein was a lie. Has anyone here gone from being a meat-eater to a vegan based diet and still able to build quality muscle, compared to when they were on meat?
The only downsides I can see is the need for B12, iron, zinc supplements and the hassle of sourcing quality edible foods that actually taste good. Arnold is his usual funny-as-fuck self, “who the fuck are you too tell me I car’nt eat meat”
Worth a watch. :+1:


good old doco that made me became a vegan for a month… NEVER AGAIN

You’ve got to rename this thread:
“Beating meat for a better penis”




Good point

Their deadlift spotter was playing tricks on them.

(Its for better glute activation bro!)

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Cooking meat is more the risk honestly: that’s why I quit frying bacon naked.


True, with the amount of water in bacon nowadays, it can spit like fuck, abit like my penis on a good morning hahaha

100% sure it is not. :joy:

Vegan takes a lot of work to make work. When people think Vegan, they think of those wonderfully nutritious indian or Vietnamese dishes. What I see most Vegans put down is fries cooked in canola oil, soy based meat substitute, rice/pasta with a sauce from a jar, chips, etc

Just taking the meat out of an awful diet does not make it a good one. Similarly, that many with poor diets eat meat does not make meat bad.

But that movie did a great job at embarrassing itself, not much need to go over it again.

I have been vegetarian for long periods of time while still maintaining/building muscle and performance.

I have eaten meat for long periods of time while still maintaining/building muscle and performance.

I had no drop offs from ‘lack of nutrients’

Eat and train with purpose and it doesn’t matter what diet you follow.


For provocation/discussion: What is wrong with the lion’s diet? Followers swear by the health benefits, being cured for all forms of hellish disease.

Anyone here following it?

(My take on the lion’s diet: …I don’t think so…)

Pure propaganda.

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[quote=“Dognutz, post:1, topic:274088”]

No, it is not.

No, they did not.

Years back, I went vegetarian for a month and vegan for the following month. In 8 weeks, I ended up losing 12 pounds while trying to maintain size.

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The main thing wrong is that I’ve never heard of it. Heard of the Carnivore Diet, heard of the Predator Diet, never heard of the Lion’s Diet.

Based on the masculine sounding names I guess it’s all the same thing: Meat, and meat only.

Brother, you are in for a ride: The Predator Program

Separately, this article talked about some issues with a meat-only diet.



My god! I’ve just finished reading the whole predator diet thread and now I regret it. You did warn me (didn’t you) - but I never expected… that! There is something deeply disturbing with that thread (and the main character), initially presented in all it’s grandeur, and then - absolutely nothing!

I just had to google the “author” and behold - he recently spent some time in a psychiatric facility, and wrote a “book” about that experience also.

Have you considered putting warning signs on threads that make you feel ill?

Thank god then for a well written T Nation article on the issues with a meat only diet. My thoughts exactly. I’d better head off for some heavy iron threads now to be heal again!

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