Is EAS ZMA-HP the real ZMA?

A fellow T-man has passed on the website and I have found a ZMA product called ZMA-HP By EAS. Is this product the real ZMA like the Biotest version?

Please anyone who can verify this for me I’d appreciate it greatly.


The original ZMA was from Balco Labs. CP talked about this stuff in a Question of Strength in an old MM2K column and there was also another full article on Victor Conte, the guy that developed it. This was at least5 years ago. I think TC still worked for them then. Anyway, Biotest paid for the rights to use Balco’s formula. At least it says that somewhere on this site. I was under the impression that no one else had paid for these rights, including twin lab and some other supplement companies. Since MM2K (EAS) found this supplement you wouldn’t think that they would use an inferior formula. Then again, I remember when BP was one of us.Bottom line, if they paid Balco it’s the same. So, how do you really find out?

I’d like a second/third conformation on this. It’s too important to me to be buying the wrong product. This is 100% the same right?

How do you find out? Read the label. A lot of ZMAs include the cheaper oxide Z&M versions. As long as there is a single A molecule, they are perfectly legal. Run from any ZMA with the word “oxide” on its label.

Read the interview with Victor Conte in T-mag. Just type the name into the T-mag search engine (not the forum’s) and you’ll find it. I remember some major companies used real ZMA and some didn’t. I think Conte talked about this in the T-mag interview. BTW, what else is in the EAS product besides ZMA? Hopefully they’d didn’t screw up like Twinlabs did and mix it with calcium. They also mixed it into their protein, which according Conte, is bad. Doh!

Here’s the label:

Vitamin C 500 mg 833%

Vitamin E 200 I.U. 667%

Pyridoxine (B6) 5 mg 250%

Magnesium 225 mg 57%

Zinc 15 mg 100%

N-Acetlycysteine (NAC) 200 mg