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Is EAS 100% Whey Protein Good?


I'm taking this currently, only like 1/2 a cup a day, with water.

  1. on the package it says a serving size is the roughly the following:

serving size: 30 g
cals: 120
protein: 23g
calcuium: 139 mg
sodium: 55mg
potassium: 210 mg

first questions, 30 g = how much cups?

This stuff tasetes really good (choc version) with cold water.

can someone explain to me why it is bad or why some other product is better?

I'm not really useing it to gain mussels presently, trying to lose weight actually and just figured it's a nice way to get a good amount of protein without a lot of calories, and it's easy to bring to work also, this is prob the best factor.

So please enlighten me on the pro's and cons of EAS Protein if anyone out there is knowlagable.



What's the whey source...i.e concentrate, isolate etc etc, should say on the ingreds dec.


on the back it says:

100 % Whey Protein is pure, "instantized" why protein rocessed trough a series of low-temperature mico- and ultra-filtration steps, producing the cleanet, most intact form of whey protein available. This carefare processing means that 100% Whey Protein is designed to provide the hgihest bilogical value protein available from any single protein source.

It also means that the greates tpossible concetration of bioactive microfactions is preserved. These microfractions are vital for promoting whey protein's famed immune enchancing effects(1). Pure, clean why protein is also absorbed into your body faster then any other protein, a benefit that has been demonstrated in research to enhance protein synthesis (muscle growth) by as much as 68%(2)

Total BCAAs: 5600 mg
Valine: 1460 mg
Isoleucine: 1520mg
Leucine: 2620mg

of course i don't know what most of this stuff means...so it says very little to me ... doh.



With any package that doesn't explicitly state the type of whey protein they're using, I tend to presume they're going for the cheapest: concentrate.


How bad is concentrate for u?

is it better not to eat it then to eat concentrate whey?


If you don't know what you are buying, or why, then why are you buying it?


Concentrate is ok man, don't worry, although the product you mention may have isolate in it. I really don't know.
The stuff I use is either all concentrate or concentrate / isolate / hydrolysed and hydrolysed ogliopeptides.


"low-temperature micro- and ultra-filtration steps"

Sounds like it has isolate in it, looks fine to me; and for what you are using it for I wouldnt worry too much.


when i buy this product, it must be on sale. otherwise it's too expensive. but the taste sucks(chocolate).

ingredients: Protein Blend(whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate),cocoa, natural and artifical flavours, acesulfame potassium and sucralose(SPLENDA Brand).


I buy that stuff to fill the gaps when I can't afford Metabolic Drive. Yes it does taste like shit compared to Metabolic Drive; although any protein mix does IMO. I think JB has a review of this and other protein shakes on his site.


Vroom, I said why i bought it.

It's easy to bring to work and it's a source of protein.

I was just using it to reach my max grams of Protein.

You have better ideas of how I should do that? In the future you might want to read my posts in full before you make such asshole remarks. At least to me it seems like an asshole remark.



concentrate has more of the fractions intact. miscellar having the most. out of the whey's, if you aren't lactose intolerant, i think concentrate is probably the better choice. right now, i actually combine a miscellar shake with a concentrate one pwo and have had no probs with recovery. overall though it won't make much of a difference unless you are eating a lot anyway.


sorry to hijak the thread - but on the topic of quality protien.

does anyone have pro/con on GNC's mega whey extreme?

It has 60 grams per serving..

I love the taste, but am a newb so i dont know if this the best stuff or not..



Don't ask a noob question and then act like a prick to a forum veteren who makes a comment. He didn't ask you why you were "using" it, he said if you don't know what you're buying, i.e. if it's good or not, why buy it? It's one thing to ask us about a product that you are thinking of buying, but it appears you already bought it.

As far as your excuse it's for convenience- wouldn't that apply to just about every protein powder on the market? Same goes for it helping you up your protein intake.

The real answer to your question is this- if you can afford it, it tastes good, and you're not competing, then it's just fine. There are better ones out there, and surely there are worse.


You should be fine with the EAS stuff. For your needs, I would say any whey supplement would be fine so long as it does not give you uncontrollable bowel movements. I actually just picked some EAS up for the first time at the new local health store over my traditional choice of the Whey Gold Standard stuff.

They're both cheap (which is why I buy them), have the BCAAs, and the vanilla flavors are not too bad... although I cannot stand any other flavors. There are definitely better products you could buy if you have the money, but if you don't then I wouldn't worry too much.


Lol its not that huge a deal. Im pretty sure that some protein powders being better will give you a SLIGHT edge....protein is basically protein and any protein powder will do.


Yeah, this is decent stuff. Pretty much the same as most other isolate/concentrate blends on the market. I take it as it is the most cost effective especially here in South Africa (EAS has always been big and since the products are brought in large quantities the pricing is quite good).

I highly suggest the chocolate flavor - I find it very palatable. Especially if you have it with some nut butter! I would love to get some BT stuff but pricing is too prohibitive ATM. For the same price of a 2lbs BT protein tub I can get 5lbs 100% Whey plus 2lbs free (that's how they sell them here :slightly_smiling:



He considers it his goal in life to insult others.

Anyway, EAS has been a good protein for me in the past, but the Metabolic Drive sold here on the Nation is more digestible, for me. Wish they get more in soon.

Note: Orange and Banana were still in stock, last time I looked.


FWIW, EAS Banana flavor is disgusting.

The best tasting ones powders I've had are Metabolic Drive Chocolate and strawberry, though I am looking for another chocolate powder to alternate with Metabolic Drive.

Metabolic Drive Vanilla is OK, slightly better than ProWhey Vanilla which isn't bad.

Optimim Nutrition GOld has a Tropical Berry flavor which is great, tastes like Kool Aid.


I'm using the same EAS Powder, just finished the Chocholate which is pretty good, mix it with some coffee and splenda for a nice mocha treat.

I am using the Banana flavor which really is not bad if you like banana laffy taffy. Mix it with coffe too.

If you want to maxamize your protein, try blending it with a banana, 1 can tuna, cottage cheese, scrammbled egg white and lean ground beef. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.lol