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Is E-Bay Safe?

I was looking around on E-bay and found the Paul Chek Back seminar on sale. But it started at only $50. Chek wants $250 for it on his website. This got me to thinking how safe is E-bay. This seems a little to good to be true. Before I bid-has anybody here bought something on E-bay?

Ebay is safe, I have been buying shit for years.

Ebay is as safe as you want it to be. Meaning, if you dont trust a seller, dont bid. You can usually tell if they’re legit or not by the amound of positive feedback they have (the number beside their seller ID)

If you want, PM me with the details and I can check out the auction for you.

thanks-I’m on it now.

I’ve bought over 100 items on ebay and only had 1 or 2 problems.

If the seller has positive feedback and no negative feedback, then by all means you should be safe.

I’ve never had any problems with Pay Pal, either.

I love ebay!! I’ve been using Ebay since 1999 and only got fucked once. Just look at the feedbacks. Although I hate when the power sellers set up conditions. Must pay by money order or ‘I will leave negative feedback’…or must pay with in 5 business days or ‘I will leave negative feedback’. I’m about as threaten by that as I am ‘I will tell your mother on you.’…happy bidding

I have found that what starts out as a good price usually gets driven way up and is no longer such a hot deal. Maybe watch a auction or two and see what you think?

If you really want something on ebay without jacking up the price wait until the last two minutes before the auction ends and make your highest bid. Otherwise the seller may out bid you in the beginning with false names.

I’ve also been using ebay for about 6 years. Never had any trouble buying or selling on there. I’ve bought skis, running boards for my jeep, and other misc. stuff without any problems.

The feedback system has to be the most valuable tool on ebay. I won’t purchase from sellers who have questionable ratings.

I never thought bid shilling was a real problem on auctions I participated in. I do usually wait until the auction end to bid (sniping), but this can sometimes work to your disadvantage.