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Is Dry Eye a Symptom of Hormone Imbalance

Can anyone help me with a dry eye issue. It seems to come and go, but when I have it, it’s later in the afternoon. I also get terrible headaches. I inject 100m of T 2x week and my doc just put me on nature-throid (1/2 grain). He said my Thyroid levels were OK, but wanted to see how I would do on some meds. My last T level was in the low 700 and Free T was at 220, so those look good. Still not feeling right though. Seems like something is off yet and my eyes are killing me later in the afternoon. They are fine in the morning. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have gotten like a dry eye/slight burning sensation. I was on 100mg/week now I’m on 200mg/week

yes I get headaches when my thyroid and/or cortisol meds are out of balance. yes, all sorts of systems are connected to thyroid, cortisol, hormones.

have you posted your FT4, FT3, RT3, ferritin, TSH, E2, etc. results?

I’m working on getting those numbers from my doc. He won’t do anything until my Saliva test comes back. I just sent it in and have to wait for a few weeks. It’s really hard for me to function by the end of the day. My eyes get real dry, my head hurts really bad and my mind goes blank. Just mental fog real bad. Something isn’t right and it’s driving me crazy. Not to mention the rest of my family. I will try to post the levels soon. My doc did put me on Nature-throid about two weeks ago. Nothing was wrong with my Thyroid, but he wanted to see how I responeded. Don’t feel that it is working.

OK, I got some numbers back. Let me know what else I should ask for. The nurse said all of these numbers are normal.

FT3 - 3.4 - Range 2.5-3.9
FT4 - 1.1 - Range 0.6-1.5
TSH - 1.36 - Range 0.5-5.00
Vit D3 48 - Range 30-100
Test - 751 - Range 285-950
Free T - 221- Range 50-247

it usually doesn’t take weeks to get the results back. From Quest or LabCorp test results are available after 7 days MAXIMUM, and typically they are ready in one to three days.

Doctor’s offices say call in a couple of weeks because… well, not sure why, either they are lazy, uncaring, etc. I usually call after four days and ask them to check if the results are ready, and then request a fax copy of the results so that I can review them BEFORE I go in to see the doc.

You are the customer. You are paying them to provide a service. remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

please post tests results. Saying nothing was wrong with your thyroid is meaningless to us.

PureChance, numbers are posted above. Let me know your thoughts or what other numbers I need to get. Thanks for your help.

so the tests results are pretreatment, right?

if so, your doc started you on thyroid meds because???

you inject a total of 100mg a week, or a total of 200mg a week.

if 200mg + thyroid meds, you are placing an extremely heavy load on your adrenals/cortisol. have you ever tested your cortisol levels?

what other symptoms do you have?

Yes, those are pretreatment numbers except for the T. I am injecting 100mg twice a week for a total of 200mg. I was supposed to do one yesterday, but decided to cut back to one per week again to see how I would feel. My doc wanted me on Thyroid meds to help with the fatigue I am having late in the afternoon. I know my cortisol has been tested, but only with blood tests. Shouldn’t the saliva test I just did tell me more about that? My main symptoms are the following. Fatigue (late afternoon), headaches with very dry eyes, and mental fog (spacey, drunk feeling). They all seem to happen at the same time late in the afternoon. It also takes me an hour or two to get going in the morning. When I started the T shots (100mg a week) I was in the low 200’s. I was starting to feel good about a month later (mid 500’s) and then decided to do the pellets. The Pellets didn’t work so I started injections again. Then my PSA started rising and my urologist ordered a Prostate Biopsy which ended up putting me in the hospital with Sepsis (1 month ago). Prostate was biopsy came back fine. There is still a question if I really needed it. PSA was at 3.2. I have since fired my urologist and found this new Hormonal Doc that has me doing what I stated above. My last few months have been hell. I really hope that the Saliva test reveals something. sorry for the long reply.

Also, the only level that was ever found to be low was my T, but that was back in September. The headache/dry eye thing almost feels like a sinus issue, but I’ve been to 5 ENT’s and they have all said I am fine. Even had sinus CT done. My new Doc also has me on some Anti-fungus medicine incase I have some Candida (from all the Antibiotics I was on in the hospital last month). I am almost done with that though. I’ve been to every kind of doctor and have been put on many types of prescriptions (which I hate). Docs hand out Depression meds like it’s candy. I really like the new Doc becuase I feel like he understands me and is not brushing me off with depression. It’s been a 3 year hunt and I feel like I’m on the right track.

Forgot to mention the constipation as well.

I am also suffering from severe dry eyes and think it is an adrenal thyroid issue. Purechance has been helping me as well.

My thyroid numbers are fine like yours, apart from my rt3 which is high. I have low body temperature and really dry eyes / sensitivity to light / difficulty using computer or tv screens as a result.

I’d second the suggestion to get an 24hr cortisol ASI.

I’ve been supplementing with pregnenolone but no real relief to the eye symptoms, despite a bit more general energy.

Looking at Spectracell Nutritional analysis now if I can get it in the UK. Have you been tested for imabalnces / heavy metals / allergies? They are all next on my agenda.

I’ve been tested for allergies and nothing really came from it. I’m waiting for the results of my Saliva test to come back before I try anything else. It just seems like something is off towards the end of the day.
I’ve also cut back to one T injection a week and I haven’t taken my Nature-Throid in a few days. I don’t think it was doing anything.
One thing I have noticed though is that my eyes have been a little better since I have been on this Anti-fungul medication. My doc put me on it without testing me for Candida. A lot of my symptoms also fit Candida symptoms.
Still thinking my Low T is from something else being off. Putting a lot of faith in this Saliva test.

OH, one other thing I started last week. 1/2 TSP of Celtic Sea Salt in my water 2 or 3 times a day. It actually tastes pretty good. Do some research on it and you will find that it helps with a lot of things.

your thyroid levels look fine, except that you never tested for RT3. taking thyroid meds when your thyroid is fine can easily result in high RT3 from the flood on new T4.

what was the blood test result on your cortisol test? what time of day was it?

have you run any of the other standard tests like D25-OH, B12, ferritin, etc.?

don’t go to once weekly, take 50mg E3D. otherwise you will get hormone swings.

are you monitoring and keeping track of your E2 levels (which may be tied to increased risk of prostate cancer)?

Going in tomorrow to get my Adrenal Saliva test back. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should be looking for or asking my doc about?