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Is DIM the Best Supplement for Estrodiol?


Just checking. Have higher than normal estrogen levels (blood work confirmed) just wanting to use something OTC


The idea would be to figure out why you have high estrogen. It can be caused from blood sugar/insulin issues, or other things.

What's your body fat levels at?

Stress levels?

Cortisol levels tested?


from my experience and reading, DIM helps clear out the estrogens you get from your environment. xenoestrogens. it helps your body detox the estrogens you get from plastics, chemicals, non organic meats, shampoos, soaps, etc.

it wont help if the high estrogen is due to a highly active aromatase enzyme in your body converting your own testosterone into estradiol. ive yet to find a cure for that, but experimenting with grape seed extract now.


DIM was prescribed to me as part of my TRT. Took it for a year, but I was a non-responder. I've been taking REZ-V for the last year, and E2 is back to a manageable level. FWIW


Im trying DIM and Calcium D Glucarate atm. Been using CDG for about 3 months or so. DIM only more recently. Noticed when adding DIM that I get some major blood shot eyes sometimes. Other than that I dont know if Ive noticed anything I could attribute to them alone.


what brands of DIM did you guys go with? My TRT specialist suggest I also take DIM along with my anastrozole Rx but its up to me. Figure it it cant hurt me and even helps some, its to my benefit so mine as well go for it. He suggested 200mg 3x a week.