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Is Diet or Lifting the Solution?


Hey guys, I'm new to this forum :smiley:

Anyway, I have gyno (man tits), and, I do alternate between high repitions (sometimes consisting of up to 100+ reps) for my chest routine specifically, to relative strength training (5 reps).

However, the issue, is that because I have recently fractured my collarbone, and, it still being fractured, I cannot reach maximum strength in reps (which is why I am collectively doing 100+ reps).
Now, normally my chest routine specifically entails, bench press (incline also), and some cable related exercises.
The BIG issue here is, I do very little cardio on workout days (10-20 minutes)

I am curious that if my diet or my lack of lifting or even cardio is the issue.
It's just really ANNOYING, because, before my injury I had a notable 4 pack (now, 2 pack... sort of)

I am 198 pounds, with, a PREVIOUS max benchpress of 225 (pathetic :P)

I normally never eat anything worse then subway which is when I go out with friends, on a weekly basis.
I eat flax seeds twice a day, and, drink maybe 2-3 cups of milk before bed.

Thanks for readdng,

Jay Dee RIP (2006)


I wanted to be optimistic, so I decided you're not a troll, even if your post is a little weird...it can be lack of experience!

1) Is it a real gyno (mammar tissue) or just localized fat? Did you go to a doctor? If not, do it and listen to his advice (search for a good doc, anyway:)

2) Don't hope to fix your "gyno" with high-rep exercise...

3) Let your collarbone heal!

4) Do more cardio! Google for HIIT, get and idea of what it is, and DO IT (yes, it is THAT simple:)

5) See answer 1 and 2;

6) Height? Age? Years (or month or weeks) of serious training?

7) If you posted an actual diet it would be easier to help you :stuck_out_tongue: In any case, if you're fat, eat smarter, maybe lesser, and move more!


Hey man, thanks for writing back,

Anyway, I am not sure if it is real gyno, but, it's pretty discouraging to have once had a four pack (a month back before injury) with man titties...

&& yes, I do, do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), I usually run for about 10 - 20 minutes post workout (3 & 3 intervals), I was hoping that high repitions would help :stuck_out_tongue:
& I am letting my collarbone heal, and, as I have noted, doing 100+ reps does not exactly put pressure on your collarbone does it??? At most, I do 155 & 12 reps

Anyway, I'm 5'10 weighing 198 pounds
My diet usually consists of:
2 bowls of cheerios --- Morning
A sandwich ; either turkey, egg w/green onions etc. during weekends, if I'm still hungry, just cook some more chicken - Lunch
Whatever my mom makes ; spaghetti (note, whole wheat noodles), Stir Fry (LOTS OF brocolli), and, sometimes sandwiches or soup - Dinner
Snacks: Oranges, watermelons, apples, mangos, honey dew etc. almost every type of fruit (my mom buys during their seasons)
Drinks: Approx. 2 cups of milk in morning and, 3 at night, rest is normally lots of water, and, at one point, I was obsessed with sencha green tea (not anymore though)


at your age, i could eat the same and stay lean: like 7% BF because i did cardio like crazy, along with some weights

so you could take that approach. and/or you could eat smarter. try to prioritize protein. your breakfast sucks. instead eat eggs.

for lunch have turkey with veggies but forget about the bread.

fruit is fine for snacks but you want more protein so get 20g with a shake, or snacks like 6 oz cheese or cottage cheese and some type of veggie or fruit.

if your mom makes spaghetti, or whatever, just make sure it has lots of meat and not just filler noodles or other carbs.

i like raw milk. your mom may not like the idea initially since pasteurization is considered "safe" so do your research before you present an argument to at least try it. (it's especially helpful if you find some information on the farm that will be supplying your milk)


Well, the main issue is primarily that I still have tits...
It's just so disproportioned in comparison to the rest of my body it's rather annoying.

I try to have other sources of protein during snacks, but, especially at school, it's hard to access
But, yea, fuck bread, definetly not gonna eat anymore..

Oh don't worry, lots of meat for dinner my mom know :), if not, I always grab some meat if it wasn't meaty enough.

&& Raw Milk seems good, never knew that, that's possible?
How would I get some, is the main issue, & cost is another one also?


But, I've just taken on working out about 10 months ago


Raw milk is only an option if you live near a good clean farm.

Otherwise its just asking for the shit to hit the fan.


If you have real gyno, surgery is the only option to get rid of it. Sorry for the bad news, but it's the truth.


^ jay is right, only surgery will get rid of it if it's truly gyno. If I were you, I'd be more worried about the collarbone at the moment and rehabbing that before worrying about the gyno.


To answer the question in the title, it is both.

To get good results you should work at both diet and exercise. Be sure to keep in mind that working on a dietary plan does not necessarily mean restricting calories, and exercise is not benching till your shoulders pop out of socket.


Well, from my point of view. I am EXTREMELY satsified with my results of only less then a year of bodybuilding... of course, I know this wouldn't be possible without my relatively good diet? I'd like to say it's good.
It's just pissing me off with this stupid ass torpedoe titties, especially in the changeroom, just plain fucking weird...

BMy mom isn't going to pay money for me, just because I am an vain asshole who wants to look good for summer.

Well, I guess I'm going to run for 5 k everynight right after my ab circuits and see how that works...

I thought that I could get rid of it someway, that's what my mom tells me, just keep working hard...

I'm going to work at Tim Hortons soon, so it's all good. Surgery or Rev-Z those are my choices :smiley:

thankksss guyss!


Shall I post a pic just so you guys can see how nerve racking it is for me??? :stuck_out_tongue:

And maybe you can see if it's real gyno or not... from the pic...
Buit I'm 16 so I doubt ittt


the source of your food is critical, i agree. that's why they started pasteurizing in the first place. because crappy farms with crappy corn fed cows can still sell their milk without killing people.

to the OP. you can kill your torpedos with cardio. at your age you should be able to run until it hurts and then do it again. get your body fat to single digit and your t!ts should stand down


dont just jog and run. sprint up hills, run with a sled etc