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Is DHT Useful?


Does DHT serve any useful purpose in the body? I've read a few threads that have hinted that for hypertrophy/lifting you want DHT. But I know of its potential negative effects.

Keep in mind I'm in my mid forties...


Doesn't it make your hair fall out?


I don?t have that much hair anyway! :slightly_smiling:


DHT has an effect of giving what you would call an energy boost or aggression. Many take synthetic forms as a pre w/o boost this is what methyl 5AA was a dht derivitive. This giving a nice boost in strength.

You need to thugh as stated be aware of the hair prob. possible Prostate probs though evidence is largely leaning toward E being a larger procb here.

Other than that its muscle building properties ( anabolic and or androgenic) from what I have read are over rated and minimal

Hope fully someone more edumacat the such a topic such as Cy will chime in.

Thats what I can recall off the top of my head.



Thx for what you remembered!