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Is "Dexter" Possible?

So, I’ve bin rewatching dexter and it got me wondering.

Would in a real life situation, With the same kill ritual, Same code, Same EVERYTHING.
Would the killer get away with it?

Any thoughts?
My personal thought is, NO. He has killed some pretty “high profile” people, like a psychologist, with active clients, Then again, it couldn’t be tied back to dexter.
So i have no clue if it would work out in real life.

Up to a point, serial killers in real life tend to get more wrapped up in the ritual portion of their killings, this is what tends to get them caught, they spend too much time pre/post kill. If he stuck exactly to his parameters…maybe? The biggest thing, in my opinion, that he would have going for him in real life would be his knowledge of the inner workings of the crime lab and the limitations of that lab as well as being in the police department (although with police being under such strong scrutiny at this moment that wouldn’t put the blinders on for investigators like in the past).

Improbable, yes. Impossible? No.

I’m a big fan of Dexter and have a background in psych, the character was about as truly depicted psychologically as any of hollywood’s up to that point for a main stream show/movie.

I really liked the show, hence why i’m rewatching it. Just bin wondering if it was possible to happen. Guess i got my awnser.

What is your opinion on hannibal lecter, Portrayed by both anthony hopkins, and mads mikkelsen, (if you have seen the show) as psychopaths?

About dexter, I always imagined that in real life he would get caught. But then there’s people like ted bundy. who might have a body count of 100+…
Makes me wonder, if there’s an actual dexter out there, a bay harber butcher.

There may be, but most likely that would be an exception among exceptions. Usually, as someone said above, it’s usually about the ritual. And almost 100 percent of the time, serial murders are classified as sex crimes. Hence, Dahmer, Gacy, Lucas, Bundy, etc., etc. Can you hear the lambs screaming, Clarice?

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

Gotta be one of my fav albums of his.

Jack the Ripper.

From hell.

Mr Lusk,
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Catch me when you can Mishter Lusk

There is a canadian guy who was obsessed with dexter and tried to replicate his crimes. He was not good and got caught quite early into his fanboy killspree

It’s not just ‘possible’- Dexter is real!


They’ve got a lot of the sociopathic stuff pretty accurate (lack of compassion, manipulation, the view of people as objects to be used for enjoyment or gain, very high intellect/IQ) but Hollywood took liberties (as is the norm) with his connection to Clarice as more than an object (a true sociopath simply does not have it in them to feel real connection, they can feel fondness in a way that a person feels fondness for a lamp, or piece of furniture, i.e. useful, but easily replaced) Anthony Hopkins played the part very well, there is no doubt about it.

As far as the serial killers from the 70s, yeah their body counts were unreal, staggering really… I kind of figure it’s due to lack of technology as well as the “free and easy” lifestyle that folks had with a lack of connection (Hey guys, I’m gonna hitchhike from here to Cali, I’ll send you a post card when I get there safely!) , lots of hitch hikers, open college campuses, nobody to miss people for months at a time due to lack of communication (no cells, email, social media, etc.)


Never thought about that to be honest. I always wondered why back in the days there where so many “succsefull” serial killers, compared to now. (As far as i know.)
For the better for sure.

I guess you haven’t seen the show then. I would recommend it. It has amazing videography/story telling, and mads mikkelsens hannibal is really good.
Will graham basiclly is clarice in the series, and him and hannibal actually fall in love. It’s portrayed really well. But obviously doesn’t fit the “sociopath picture”

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Hannibal evolved into one of those larger-than-life anti-heroes by the 3rd book. Sir Anthony Hopkins was just awesome although every movie after Silence of the Lambs SUCKED. Notice he never kills any good guys in Hannibal(movie)?

From what I recall:

  1. Genius
  2. Able to have separate 2 trains of thought at the same time.
  3. Eidectic memory, has a fucking Memory Palace where he can retreat into to avoid physical pain.
  4. Trained in some kind of Japanese martial art and a samurai sword in the prequel(LOL!!!).
  5. Amidst all the 9 Circles of Hell references in Hannibal, a gypsy woman takes one look at him and yells, “El Diablo!!!”(ROFL!!!).
  6. Attempts to symbolically pwn Stephen Fucking Hawkings in Hannibal by transforming Clarice into his dead sister Misha with drugs and mindfucking, thereby “reversing time”.

He should be in The Suicide Squad!

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just finished the dexter book, (first one of 10 if i remember correctly.)
And the take on a psychopath is i think way different then the show.

His urge to kill is described as a person taking a back seat in his head the " dark passenger"
And he gives dexter the directions when ever he does his ritual.
Further its pretty much the same, Dexter is empty inside.

if you can read the books i would suggest it. I really enjoyed it, and it’s NOT the same as the series.
The first book is the only one that follows the series, After that its totally different!


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Interviewer shat his pants.

When did Charles Manson turn into a babbling idiot? I thought he was this “cool”, charismatic guy that got people to do whatever he wanted?

I dunno? I’ve always thought he was an incoherently babbling idiot. Not particularly terrifying either.

Really? He was before my time lol. All the tv documentaries they’ve made about him make him out to be some suave, charismatic dude that could talk people into anything, like murdering people. So it was either the drugs, or 40 years in prison has turned this guy into a whack job