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Is Detection Time of Steroids for Females Same as Men?

I’m currently on test prop 100mg/week , If I will stop 1 month before a urine test , Will I pass it ??
I know that the detection time for the test prop is 2 weeks so there will be no problem concerning T/E ratio and everything ?

Yes the detection times are roughly the same, what will make a difference is the individual rate in which you metabolize testosterone. However if it’s a urine test metabolites for test prop will remain for about 2-3 wks. The only way round that is an “oil change” which… Very dangerous if not done by a medical professional (with sterile equipment) and comfortable

So… What sport/ athletic event are you training for? And as a woman why are you using something as androgenic as test? I assume all other competitors are on gear too, right (even if they aren’t supposed to be)? Otherwise it is cheating, however I’m not here to tell you what’s right or wrongz everyones moral compass is different. I’d probably cheat if it meant I would be the best in the world, i’m pretty sure most people would. The difference between BB and sport is that bodybuilding has untested federations, if you’re tested it seems to me like the rules prohibit gear. Personally I think all sports should allow the use of anabolics or at least have seperate divisions for people who use, esp at the top level. When I watch sports (not usual) but when I do, I don’t want to see a bunch of average Joe’s comepting. I wanna see super jacked men and women doing superhuman things and think “WOW, that’s impossible”. I don’t really think it’s wrong to use AAS in sports, even tested sports (my reasoning being most of them at the top level, and even semi pro levels like college football tend to be using regardless of testing), however many will disagree with me.

That being said I’m pretty sure almost all Olympic athletes in power sports (and even endurance sports) dope…


There is a good documentary about this on Netflix. It touches not only on most of them using but also how relaxed their testing policy is and how easy it is to get away with it.

I agree. They should def have a separate division. I’d be willing to bet if they did create this the “natural” divisions ratings would go wayyyy down


+1 on the better anabolics for women than testosterone. Anavar and primobolan would be the only ones I would try if I was a woman. You should also look into SARMS as they have significantly less side effects, and still get athletic performance and recovery.